Mika Singh's this song will make you cringe

After the rise of the alcohol culture epidemic that has hit the Bollywood charts in the recent years here comes another song which does not even sound good, if this is what the millennials are being subjected to we cannot hold them responsible for rash decisions and questionable ethics.
After the cringe pop wave that hit the mainstream with Dhinchak Pooja, the song ‘Hulle Hullare’ is another in the entry with bad composition and even weirder video to accompany it with.
Mika Singh’s lead vocalist, Taricka Bhatia who has been touring with him said, “I have not only worked with him but I have also travelled all around the world doing stage shows for almost more than 6 and a half years now! I personally feel that he is gifted talent. His songs are blockbuster hits and I am glad to work on his project ‘Hulle Hullare’”. She added, “Everything that I have learnt about stage is from Mika. Apart from being my mentor, he truly is a genuine person and I am really enjoying my work with him”.
The video of the song is filled with exotic dancers with a bit of skin show on display and the addition of women in traditional clothes in snippets as seen in the song does not compliment.
The lyrics are mostly about drinking and living carefree which seems to be the motto of the youth today but while at it can’t better songs be produced about the subject matter?
The lyrics of the track are penned by Marshall Sehgal, who also sang along with Taricka N Bhatia.

The song is produced by Mika Singh, Dr. Tarang Krishna and Pawan Chawla