Mike Tyson finally agrees to come to India

The iconic boxing legend Mike Tyson finally gives in to requests of visiting India. The date is set and preparations are on full throttle to welcome the world heavy weight boxing champion. Fans can catch him on 29th September at the NSCI Dome in Worli, Mumbai at the launch of Kumite1 league which is also an action packed fight night. Fighters from all over the world will gather and showcase their skills with none other than Mike Tyson in the audience.

Mike Tyson’s association with Kumite 1 league is in the capacity of a mentor and he will be the chief guest of honour at the launch & fight night. The living legend addresses his fans in India saying “Namaste India” and announces his India tour through a short video placed on Kumite 1 League’s youtube channel. In the past the boxer had declined several requests both from the sports and film fraternity to visit India. So what really convinced him this time?

Talking about Tyson’s consent, the CMD, Toyam Industries Limited and promoter of Kumite 1 League, Mr. Mohamed Ali Budhwani said, “Not long back, my face to face meeting with Mike Tyson to convince him to come to India is by itself a journey that I will cherish all my life. It was both thrilling and an emotional one for me. I traveled all the way to Las Vegas with a throbbing heart. I’m a hardcore MMA fan and have put years of my life into research so that I’m able to build the sport and thereby create opportunities for thousands of people in this country to have a sustainable livelihood. Mr. Mike Tyson’s support is invaluable in this journey and I’m eternally grateful to him”

Talking more about his meeting with Tyson, he added, “Mike Tyson wants to see MMA grow in India so that people find employment and that it reaches talented fighters at grass root level. Our visions aligned and I believe that was the clincher. He truly wants to see Kumite 1 league taking MMA to remote corners of the country and find talented fighters, which is exactly what we will do. Right after the launch and fight night we will dive headlong into a talent hunt across the country starting with Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Channai and spread out to the interiors”.

Talking about his conversation with Mike Tyson, Budhwani further added, “He asked me a very pertinent and sharp question- ‘Has anyone in India risen from the slums as I have? His question fuelled my resolve even further. I’m determined to take back real talent to him from my country. Another aspect of my conversation which I fondly recall, with utmost childlike innocence he asked me ‘Do people know me in India? I was a bit taken aback thinking that he must be kidding me but promptly enough I realized that it was a genuine question and I gave him a genuine answer, saying ‘In the US people know you but in India people love you”.

The countdown has begun and we can almost hear a massive crowd going ‘Tyson’ ‘Tyson’ ‘Tyson’.