Mikhael Kantroo: I want to mesmerize my audience

After the successful first run of the Indian adaptation of the classic Hollywood film, Giant, Inayatullah Kantroo Productions is back with the second run which promises to be even better than the first. Producer & lead actor Mikhael Kantroo lets us in on the expectations from the second run of his labour of love, to be showcased at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai on 22nd & 23rd February.

How is the second run of Giant different from the first?
Mikhael: Nothing succeeds like success.Brands and companies are far more interested in a play like never before, I've been told, & it is all down to the great response of the ticket-buying audience & critics.

As rapper Emiway has famously said, 'Bantai maine janta kamaya, samajh main aaya kya' & that makes perfect sense for us because the IP of any product is influenced by customer response so we decided to make the most of it with the second season. 

Creatively, how is this run different?
Mikhael: The best  thing about doing theatre is that it's new every single time and one can make changes with each performance. We have tweaked the script as well. While I cherish the appreciation,  I am working on aspects of the character that I feel I can finetune from the feedback I received. For me, it's all-or-nothing. I want to mesmerize my audience this time! 

I think co-actors are very important especially in theatre & working with someone as experienced & fluid as Tirrtha Murbaadkar (Gayatri), I immensely enjoyed playing a complicated equation with her.

Varun Pande (Arjun) has a calming & delightful work ethic and he's so easy to work with & that's a true blessing. 


Are feature films the next step for you?
Mikhael: Films are part of the plan but I would rather be a king in theatre than a pawn on someone else's film set. It's a market & it's about being viable, doing the right film & I realize that the best way to do that is to make a market for yourself which I am happily creating. 

I am producing another play at an arts festival this weekend & I am also working on bringing 'Do Raha', my debut as a theatre actor & writer, back to the stage which is another powerful story revolving around an army family & has all the elements of an entertaining yet impactful play. 


Th second run of Giant will be held on  22nd & 23rd February at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai.