Miley Cyrus finds fiance Liam Hemsworth perfect

Singer-actress Miley Cyrus has advised women not to give up looking for a man with a number of desirable qualities, including common sense, faithfulness, and empathy.

On Sunday, popular meme account SourPsycho posted a graphic that said, “No Man has all five: good d—, empathy, a height above 5’9, no h—s [mistress] and common sense.”

Cyrus in a blink of an eye bashed the myth by praising her beau Liam Hemsworth as she wrote, "“Mine does! Don’t give up!” in reference to her fiance's stature, kind heart, and other qualities that are less appropriate to discuss publicly.

Miley Cyrus leaves no chance to praise her fiance and her love for Liam has always left her fans in awe.

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The hilarious confession, as first spotted by Instagram account CommentsByCelebs, comes just a few days after Cyrus revealed she had given Hemsworth a new name after he saved her bevy of animals — including seven dogs, four horses, two pigs and three cats — from the fire that destroyed their Malibu home in November.

Cyrus and Hemsworth first began dating in 2010 after starring in THE LAST SONG together. They then broke up that same year but got back together in 2011. The couple then got engaged in 2013 and broke up in the same year but then got back together in 2016 as Cyrus was spotted out wearing her diamond engagement ring.