Milind Soman: I still don't know why girls are attracted to me!

Milind Soman a model turned actor has been crushing over for three decades now, girls swoon by his presence and yet again millions of heart shattered when he took nuptial vows with Ankita last year.

This handsome actor will now be seen in Amazon Prime videos Four More shots please playing a pivotal role. 

In conversation with Milind Soman as he talks about coming back along in a show with 4 girls, he also candidly spoke about his fitness and how does he handle trolls.

Excerpts from the interview

You are coming back after a gap in Four more shots, Tell us something about it?
It’s about many things, it’s basically about four girls who are friends and are exploring their lives. As it happens between close friends, the things that they talk about are explored with very great details and frankly. That is where we see a something perspective of how in a certain section in our society, woman are today. More progressive with different kind of attitude and maybe that is sometimes foreign to us. The truth is that in India today, there is a huge variety of attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and opinions. We need to explore all of that so this is one section that we’re looking at which comes out through these four girls. There’s a lot of discussion about it and even we are trying to figure it out. There are stories that the directors and producers we’re sitting around in a bar and there were four shots to the table ant suddenly it clicked that it’s a good name. But what it could be also if anybody knows about alcohol, even I had experience of alcohol, when you drink it, it changes your perspective. So four more shots can make you a different person. So this series is also opening up a perspective on today’s culture and today’s woman in a certain section of society and talking about things that you normally wouldn’t. 

What kind of offers do you get and what kind of genres you would want to take up? 
Something that I’ve done before, It should make me feel great to be a part of, then I’ll do it. But that doesn’t happen very often. Somebody sees me doing a police officer then 20 others will offer me the same role. It happens to everybody, even the most popular actors, people get typecast. So that is something I try to stay away from. I’m open for doing TV, movies, OTT platforms. I like acting and I like to make it different. As far as being typecast, it happens to everyone. Not only people but it has happened to woman for so many years. When we talk about Four More Shots Please, we can see that it’s a breaking away from how woman have been typecast in the media, generally. There are lot of films being made today with female protagonist and are doing very well, lot of actresses are doing very well by playing very strong roles so this is a part of that change. Very easily we start typecasting, not only individuals but genders.

Will you be seen in regional films?
 I’ve done Telugu, Marathi, French, German, Japanese and Swedish films. If I get a chance again then I’ll do it, why not? But not Tamil or Telugu because what happens with south Indian films is that they start offering me the same roles. I’ll try Malayam as I haven’t done that before. I’m open to any kind of role, it doesn’t have to be a main lead but it should be interesting.

When it comes to watching shows, what do you prefer?
I watch a lot of superhero films and vampires, werewolves, witch crafts. So fantasy and science fiction, those are the subjects that I like.

Will you be playing the role superhero?
Yeah when they approached me the first time, I said yes because I loved that genre. And if today somebody comes to me then I’d really love to be a part of it. I’m really attracted to science fiction.

How much change do you see in the subjects of the TV shows?
In the olden days there were various topics. I’ve done historical, science fiction, today most of the series are soaps so that becomes difficult to choose something interesting.
When can we see you doing a romantic hero role?
When we talk about mass media, normally subjects are made with the topic with which maximum people can relate to. So when few films are made people are like what’s this because more people weren’t interested in that topic so they didn’t want to encourage that situation because they’re not comfortable with it. So of course we need to make more things like that because people need to understand that people can make all kind of choices and choices are okay as long as they’re not harming somebody else. But for me, I would be happy if somebody came to with a love story.
How do you feel when girls are still flattered by you in this age?
I still don’t know why people are attracted, why it is. Even if you ask them they’ll not know.

Would you like to do any biopic on a sports person?
Maybe on runner like Shivnath Singh. He is the national record holder of the marathon on 42 Km race. He set the record in 1978, running barefoot. And till today, nobody has broken his record. But nobody is speaking about it.

You have a very healthy lifestyle how do you maintain it?
I eat right and make sure I live a healthy lifestyle, I stay away from oily and processed food. I keep my eating habits as natural as possible.

When was the last time you really got drunk?
You always regret after drinking so I remember the last time I really got drunk was in my friend’s wedding which was 25 years ago. As my background is of a sportsperson, I really respect my body and alcohol is a poison. I also feel bad that I drank something which I shouldn’t have.

Social media trolls are something that we should be aware off what do you have to say?
Everyone has their opinion and I read them and laugh it off. As not everyone knows me, the people there out they just know me by my name or my presence so they are trolling me for it, but the real me they have no idea about. They judge me over certain things I do.

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