Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About Bunty Aur Babli

Bunty Aur Babli movie poster

When Bunty & Babli plan to cheat the man who cheated Bunty so that they go to Mumbai,how can they have enough money to buy cigars & such costly dresses & suits specially before started rob people???

Towards the end of the movie, how does Amitabh land at Bunty and Babli`s house as he has never been to their house earlier, neither is he their

This is the biggest mistake film director has made. Harcourt Butler Technological Institute commonly known as HBTI engineering college is located in Kanpur, but in film it is shown as HBTI Lucknow.

Rani is supposed to have delivered a new born. In the train scene she holds her new born upright and the baby holds his head up on his own...new borns dont hold their heads up until 3 months of age and definitely not within few hours of being born!

In the song Kajrare Kajrare, they say that Ash has black eyes when everyone can clearly see that her eyes are blue-green.

Minutes after rani has given has given birth, she is all dressed up wonderfully and is at the railway station. what ever happened to post birth care? also how long would it take for the police to reach the hospital and how short was Rani's labour time, because by the time the police reached the hospital, they had Abhishek and Rani had already left...strange...

In the movie, Bunty and Babli go on robbing whoever they could find in every part of India. While doing the thefts they come across many people. So then how come Amitabh Bachan in the end says that he is the only one who recognizes them????

In the movie bunty aur babli rani mukherjee wanted to enter miss india contest when everybody knows you have to be atleast 5' 6 tall to enter and she's only like 5 foot tall.