Mohammed Irfan: Arijit Singh is one of the biggest singers in India currently

Mohammed Irfan: Arijit Singh is one of the biggest singers in India currently news
Urvi Parikh By Urvi Parikh | 24 Jun 2014 10:01:48.1000000 IST

Mohammed Irfan, who has enthralled the audiences with chartbusters like 'Phir Mohabbat' (MURDER 2), 'Baarish' (YAARIYAN), 'Dard Dilo Ke' (THE XPOSE) among others, is back with yet another smash hit 'Banjara' from Sidharth Malhotra-Shraddha Kapoor starrer EK VILLAIN.



While the new song too is a romantic composition, ask him whether he fears getting stereotyped in romantic genre and he states, "Yes I know I am being stereotyped. People tell me it is only Arijit Singh and me who are singing romantic songs and we are the next romantic kings in music. But this doesn't bother me because now a days there's lot of competition. There are thousands of singers in the market and it is difficult to make a mark in today's times. So if at all people are saying that I am doing justice to romantic songs, if they count me as one of the good singers in this genre, then I don't mind being stereotyped."
This is not only stereotyping his image, but is also giving rise to comparison between Arijit and him. Quiz him on how does he react to the comparison and Irfan reveals, "I know there is a comparison being made between Arijit Singh and me. Of course, comparisons do happen and you can't avoid them. I take them in positive way."

He adds further, "Arijit is one of the biggest singers in India right now and if people are comparing me with him, then I take it positively. I really appreciate his singing and love his work. But that doesn't affect me. I would just like to concentrate on my work, improve myself, keep singing good songs and do better work. I wish the best to everybody."