Mohammed Irfan: USP of EK VILLAIN's 'Banjara' is Mithoon

Mohammed Irfan: USP of EK VILLAIN's 'Banjara' is Mithoon news
Urvi Parikh By Urvi Parikh | 25 Jun 2014 16:17:54.0470000 IST

With ‘Banjara’ climbing up the music charts, the mesmerizing Mohammed Irfan now has another chartbuster to his credit. The song has not only received a thumbs up for its composition, lyrics and singing from the audiences but even from the critics. 



Ask Irfan what special preparation was required to record this song and he reveals, “For every new song you have to detach with your previous song. I have been doing a lot of recordings these days. So when I was called to record ‘Banjara’, it was a very different experience. This song has immense amount of peace in it. It has lot of thehraav. So I had to keep myself calm in the recording. Take some time, relax and understand the lyrics.”

Now that the song has been a smash-hit, what according to him is the USP of the song?

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“USP of ‘Banjara’ is Mithoon Sharma of course. He has composed it so beautifully. And also he has written the song. Even the lyrics are being appreciated a lot. Though Mithoon is not a professional lyricist, yet he has been writing such amazing stuff. His music and lyrics are the biggest USP of the songs. Half the job became easy for me because the tune was composed so nicely. I was myself enjoying the song,” admits Irfan.

He significantly concludes, “It was very easy to put emotions into ‘Banjara’ and that I have tried my level best to do. Mithoon was very happy with the output. It is the combination of music, lyrics and my voice. But I would still give the credit to Mithoon.”