Mohit Sharma revives the era of Manto as Toba Tek Singh tonight!

Mohit Sharma is a versatile actor,  and has done stand up comedy  as well as made his mark in theatre, he has been in the acting industry for over a decade now. Mohit is currently living his dream as his one of the most pricest play Toba Tek Singh based on Sadat Hasan Manto's famous short-story which is set in the backdrop of India’s partition will be performed by Mohit tonight in Mumbai.

The story is about India & Pakistan wherein they decided to exchange their mental asylum inmates on religious basis. As this news broke inside the Lahore asylum, what follows was a funny and absurd. The inmates get interrogative but they are ‘certified’ mad by the majority. One among them was Bishen Singh is seeking the ‘current’ whereabouts of his homeland, Toba Tek Singh. But nobody knows; not even the God. On the day of exchange he refuses to budge, till he gets a clear answer. What follows leaves both the countries stunned!

The play has been widely appreciated in various cities like Baroda, Ahmedbad, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. As the show will be performed by Mohit tonight in Bandra at G Adagio hall at 8.00 PM.
The show is originally written by Sadat Hasan Manto, director and actor Mohit Sharma, produced by Meghal Mehta, Music by Himma (Turkey).

when contacted Mohit regarding the play he said, " i am quite thrilled about the play, we have been doing it since years and the response in good, as the story is about one of the chapters of Manto ots heart warming to see people applaud and connect to it. Mostly the northern belt that is Delhi audience connects to story. The show is under Ambal Production of which I am a co-founder."

Here's wishing Mohit Sharma all the very best for the play.