72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died Movie Review: A beautifully shot semi biographical war drama

72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died Movie Poster

Here is the review of movie 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED. Based on the real-life story of Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat , the semi biographical war drama by actor filmmaker Avinash Dhyani who also plays the lead released today. Let’s see how passionately is the story of the brave heart rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat captured on screen in the movie review of 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED.

Does 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED has anything to do with the recently announced RIFLE starring Sushant Singh Rajput?

Yes. 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED is the story of Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat, the brave heart Indian Army soldier serving in the Garhwal Rifles who won the Maha Vir Chakra posthumously for his heroic fight during the Sino-Indian War in 1962 in present-day Arunachal Pradesh. RIFLE starring Sushant Singh Rajput is reportedly based on Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat.

What is the story of 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED?

A young Jaswant Singh Rawat (Avinash Dhyani) belongs to a lesser privileged family in the hilly regions of India. Jaswant joins the army and immediately a call to serve his motherland comes. Jaswant joins the 4th Garhwal Battalion – the brave heart battalion who fought during the Indo-China war of 1962. 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED is the story of supreme courage of the brave heart Indian warrior Jaswant Singh Rawat who never gave up and fought till his last breath and last available bullet to safe guard Nurunaang Base in Arunachal Pradesh from Chinese soldiers (formerly known as NEFA border). He fought in the worst of conditions, lack of ammunition, sans any back-up to save his motherland from the claws of the enemy nation.

Major plus

Avinash Dhyani's outright sincerity and good intent to tell a story that needs to be told is commendable. The actor gives a pious performance and carries the movie on his shoulders. 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED is loaded with exceptional cinematography by Harish Negi. His camera captures the picturesque beauty of the Himalayas with eye popping accuracy. It’s a treat for your eyes.

Other Highlights

Apart from its breathtaking cinematography and Avinash Dhyani’s good intended honesty, 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED boosts some powerful performances from its supporting actors… Mukesh Tiwari as Hawaldar CM Singh packs a punch. Shishir Sharma as Col. SN Tandon is composed. Alka Amin and Virendra Saxena as parents of Jaswant Singh Rawat are competent.


Sometimes, your heart beat gets so loud that you fail to hear what mind has to say. Avinash Dhyani’s 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED falls prey to this good intended but prolonged chest-thumping. It would have been better if the maker had given some insight on what the people today in Arunachal Pradesh, where a temple is made and the brave heart is still worshipped, have to say.  The fight scenes after a while get repetitive and with no further twist and turn along with a half baked love angle with Noora (Yeshi Dema), the movie starts losing its penetrating sharpness and gets bland.

Final words

72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED has nothing to do with the English comedy drama 72 HOURS by Christopher Nolen, but has something to do with the Indian war action genre. It’s undeniably earnest. Avinash Dhyani makes a pious attempt to tell a story about a real life hero who fought for his Nation. Who doesn't want to hear stories of extreme valour of our man of honour from the Army. 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED may not be the ideal war movie, but can be an important reference point for Sushant Singh Rajput for his upcoming RIFLE. A duty of true soldier is to protect and in a way Avinash Dhyani’s 72 HOURS: MARTYR WHO NEVER DIED can protect Sushant Singh Rajput’s RIFLE in both ways - avoiding mistakes and noting down the plus points.

Rating 2.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Avinash Dhyani
  • Director: Avinash Dhyani
  • Production house: JSR Production House
  • Release Date : 18 Jan 2019
  • Movie Duration : 2 Hrs 10 mins