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A Wednesday Movie Poster
A Wednesday Movie Poster
Martin D'Souza By Martin D'Souza | 18 Mar 2017 15:36:42.9630000 IST

view WEDNESDAY movie stills

view WEDNESDAY movie stills

Three weeks in a row, we have been treated with three fantastic films, which have raised the benchmark for Indian cinema in terms of script, casting and execution. Life could not have been rosier for a film critic. First, we had MUMBAI MERI JAAN, ROCK ON followed last week, and this week we have an absolute stunner, which is even more gripping and equally entertaining and thought provoking like the above-mentioned films.

A WEDNESDAY is a thriller, it's an educational film and it's also an eye-opener. Director Neeraj Pandey has taken terrorism as the theme and has given it a whole new twist that is mind-boggling to say the least. The film begins with 'terrorist' Naseeruddin Shah planting bombs in the city and also a police station right opposite the Police Head Quarters. The background score sets your pulse racing and you don't know what to expect at the next moment. You are waiting for that moment when the bombs will explode and wreak havoc in the city as Pandey goes about briskly introducing his characters, Anupam Kher, who is the Police Commissioner, Aamir Bashir (a police officer), Jimmy Sheirgill (ATS Officer) and Deepal Shaw (television journalist).

You wonder what Naseer is upto, when in comes the call to the Commissioner informing him about the bombs and sending him on a wild goose chase. Within four hours, the terrorist tells the commissioner, that his demands have to be met. He is seeking the release of four dreaded terrorists in exchange for letting out the information on where the bombs are planted. His calls cannot be traced because Naseer the terrorist is one up on the cops. His 'work place' is the terrace of an under construction building. Cinematographer Fuwad Khan, putting in full view of the viewer the terror that is to be unleashed, brilliantly captures the city skyline.

The demands are met. The Commissioner, who has been given sweeping powers by the Chief Minister to negotiate with the terrorist, realizes that he cannot play with the lives of millions of people of Mumbai. He shortlists his two trusted soldiers, Aamir Bashir and Jimmy Sheirgill, to take the four dreaded terrorist to the release spot. And here comes the twist in the tale that will shock you out of your wits. Brilliant execution in the script, which turns the negotiations on its heads. After all, you cannot trust a terrorist!

After two remarkable solo soundtracks, the musical tinge loses its serration and sheen in mediocre sounding ''Nazar Lage Na'', an outdated number by Mahalaxmi Iyer and Shaan. This sluggishly paced romantic number unravels 70's era with placidly played arrangements and routine lyrics. Do enjoy some remarkable singing by both Shaan and Mahalaxmi but the composition disappoints completely in its sullen rendition.

It's time for some really Indi-Pop rock musical stuff that comes in the inspiring voices of Shaan in ''yuppie'' loving soundtrack ''Parwazen''. Despite its urbane-cool rock musical impulse in guitar strumming, it maintains the motivational touches in melancholically profound lyrical and vocal rendition. The remarkable concoction of saxophones and keyboard notes with hand claps in a true blue rock mode might be eye-catching to make it as one noticeable soundtrack. ''Parwazen'' could have been promising attribute in any of Shaan's Indi-Pop albums but still works well in this situation and adds one more impressive addition in Sanjoy Chowdhary's kitty from this album.

''Bekaali'', a loud and unimpressive song in the voice of prodigal Javed Ali shows the ultimate dearth of melodic works of this album. Chowdhary's music disappoints completely with its lackluster 80's music where gifted singer like Javed Ali sounds wasted.

Upcoming music director Sanjoy Chowdhury shows sparks of great promise in a film album that runs mainly on its contents rather than on its melodic substance. A WEDNESDAY has its noticeably prominent features in impressive tracks like ''Bulle Shah'', ''Jalwa'' and ''Parwazen'' that surely showcases the potential of this upcoming music composer.

Rating -2.5/5

Rating /5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Anupam Kher, Aamir Bashir, Deepal Shaw, Gaurav Kapur, Naseeruddin Shah, Rajpal Yadav, Jimmy Shergill, Naseruddin Shah, Aamir Bashir and Deepal Shaw.
  • Lyrics: Bulle Shah, Irshad Kamil
  • Director: Neeraj Pandey
  • Music Director: Sanjoy Chowdhury