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Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 18 Mar 2017 15:37:18.5770000 IST

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When you walk into a multiplex and are informed that there is no other person in the auditorium other than you, there are no reasons to be elated. It only turns out to be a repeat situation of many a film released during last couple of months when you watched a film all by yourself in a theatre which was on the verge of cancelling the show until you flashed your card of being a film reviewer.

So what is it that works for 'CHASE'? Well, a few well executed action sequences, a couple of twists and presence of two hot bods (Udita Goswami, Tarina Patel) that should engage audiences, especially at single screens in B and C centres.

How do the stunts work? Well, after a 'Dhoom' inspired opening credit roll sequence comes a chase sequence which involves a perceived criminal being pursued by cops on busy Mumbai streets. Frankly, these 15 odd minutes do keep you hooked to screen as the protagonist does everything from manoeuvring his bike dangerously and indulging in parkour. The sequence which follows in a 'jungle' is hardly enticing though but then the climax action sequence is still reasonably engaging.

In the interim there are Udita Goswami and Tarina Patel who are captured from all flattering angles, hence ensuring that the oomph factor continues to be on screen alternatively. If Udita, due to the demand of the role (well!), plays her mini skirted nurse part well and indulges in sensual tricks to arouse (knowingly or unknowingly) a patient (Anuuj) of hers from coma, Tarina wears some of the most revealing costumes that any fellow journalist could have ever worn.

Does that mean that 'CHASE' is only about bikes and babes? Not really because at the core of it, there is an element of uncertainty about the lead protagonist when it comes to his real status - whether he is innocent of guilty. This is the plot line which could have been really nurtured well to get an ideal mix of thrills, drama and suspense but unfortunately the twist in the tale is totally lame.

view CHASE movie stills

view CHASE movie stills

Another reason for concentrating on factors like bikes, babes and a couple of twists is the (surprisingly) below average performance and styling of the leading man Anuuj. Agreed that he gets minimal scope because he is required to be comatose in the first half and haggard in the second half. Still, his dialogue delivery and facial expressions aren't flattering at all while the bearded look is a complete no-no.

Comparitvely, Rajesh Khattar as the senior cop does really well in the biggest and meatiest role of his career. Sameer Kochar as the junior cop too has a good screen presence. Aditya Raj Kapoor is strictly okay while Gulshan Grover is hardly there to be noticed. Udita Goswami does well in a setup like this which doesn't quite allow her to go the whole hog when it comes to histrionics.

One had zero expectations from 'CHASE' and this is why it is an added bonus of sorts if you see are offered even bare minimum entertainment. Though 'CHASE' is hardly the kind of film that would make you rush towards theaters and make beelines for it, you can still sit through those two hours if forced to.

Rating /5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Anuuj, Udita Goswami, Samir Kochar, Tarina Patel, Rajesh Khattar, Aditya Raj Kapoor and Gulshan Grover (Special Appearance)
  • Lyrics: Prashant Vasl
  • Director: Jag Mundhra
  • Music Director: Vijay Verma and Udbhav Ojha

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