Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga Movie Review: The most bold, beautiful and heartfelt love saga in recent years

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga Movie Trailer

EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA movie review is out: The highly awaited coming of age love story starring Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Rajkummar Rao, Akshay Oberoi & Regina Cassandra is in news. Does the movie directed by Shelly Dhar Chopra get us in the mood for love?, it does more than that… find out in EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA movie review.

What is unique/rare/path breaking in EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA?
Perhaps, for the first time, mainstream Bollywood cinema has set its heart free, and accepted the ecstasy, danger and the beauty of same-sex love in elegantly heartfelt and emotionally absorbing drama that breaks moulds, changes paths as it takes a significant step towards acceptance, love, humanity and kindness. Gone are those references, flash of sequences and jokes. EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA is most bold, beautiful and heartfelt love saga in recent years coming in mainstream Bollywood.

What is the plot/storyline of EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA?
Sahil Mirza (Rajkummar Rao) a struggling writer director meets Sweety (Sonam Kapoor) daughter of a wealthy businessman in Punjab Balbir (Anil Kapoor) in a theatre in Delhi. A man rushes into the scene and the worried Sweety starts running holding Sahil’s hand, smitten by Sweety’s charm, its love at first sight for Sahil. Circumstances lead Sahil to Sweety’s hometown Moga in Punjab and discover that Sweety has already made her choice and she loves someone else.

Gazal Dhaliwal and the director/co writer Shelly Chopra Dhar smartly weave the thread of this same-sex love story through the traditional boy-meets-girl setup, to keep the audience guessing and test them on their level of acceptance and bringing the core issue rightly at the right time. With the latest verdict on article 377, EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA turns out to be a path-breaking step that comes closer towards acceptance and involves the family as well. The most astonishing aspect of Gazal Dhaliwal and Shelly Chopra Dhar screenwriting is that they never hold the flag of feminism high, never chest beat on the importance of gender/LGBT equality and treat the phenomenon as normal as being straight. The differences are highlighted so are the concerns. An attack on rigid mentality is also made with comments on bimari, normality and family honour. The movie talks about the inner turmoil a person faces when he/she discovers ones sexuality. It also makes a point on the importance and support of parents in such scenario. Gazal Dhaliwal and the director/co writer Shelly Chopra Dhar makes this heartfelt same-sex love story straight without restoring to any sensationalisms, scenes. It’s atmospheric and rhythmic in spreading the fresh air. Remarkably proving the fact that truth doesn’t require any gimmick, bold exposure to prove a point.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja as Sweety is adorable right from the word go. This is her best after NEERJA and the actress brings dilemma, vulnerability to her character effectively, making the audience empathize with her and follow her emotional journey. Anil Kapoor again displays why he is a brilliant actor who adapts to the character like a chameleon. His moments with Sonam K Ahuja are fantastic. Rajkummar Rao, is the driving force behind this rare, unique voice on love and acceptance. Sahil Mirza is a friend that every man or woman will die for. The actor in a controlled and nuanced performance wins hearts. Juhi Chawla is brilliantly spontaneous, her comic timing is exceptional. Akshay Oberoi is fine (but hardly any scope). Other valuable support comes from Madhumalti Kapoor as Beeji – very adorable. Abhishek Duhan as Veerji brother of Sweety who knows the truth is impressive and leaves his mark. Seema Pahwa is excellent. Brijendra Kala is simply superb. Sara Arjun - young Sweety is fine. Kanwaljit Singh - Sahil’s father and Alka Kaushal - Sahil's mother are competent. And last but not the least, Regina Cassandra as Kuku is fantastically natural and amazing. If EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA is the heart and Sonam Kapoor is the soul then Regina Cassandra is the heartbeat.

Shelly Dhar Chopra’s direction in EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA?
In her very first film, Shelly Chopra Dhar displays a rare understanding of human emotion and psychology. The debutant helmer proves that if story is told simply from heart with the understanding of the target audience in mind, nothing extra and/or sensational is required. The writer director successfully breaks norms associated with same-sex love relationships shown on Bollywood, EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA smartly uses the routine format to challenge the stereotypes and does remarkably well. The girls shown here are ‘normal’ – it can be the girl next to your door looking for a window of acceptance. The flag of feminism is never raised, the cry for gender/LGBT equality is never made loudly and still the impact is tremendous. The emotions are concerned are felt. Brilliantly done. Shelly Dhar Chopra is the director to look out for in this new age and new wave of Bollywood.

Yes you require a certain degree of acceptance and open mindedness, not the routine mushy mushy song dance romance. It gets stagey a bit and takes time to come to the point.

Technicalities, making
Cinematography by Himman Dhamija and Rangarajan Ramabadran is eye pleasing. Rajat Poddar and Teddy Maurya's production design is authentic. Sheetal Sharma's costumes are fabulous. Ashish Suryavanshi's editing is fine. Production values are topnotch.

The recreated version of the soulful Ek Ladki Ko Dekha' from 1942: A LOVE STORY, 'Chitthiye' and the groovy 'Good Morning' make Rochak Kohli score decent marks as a composer.

Final verdict
EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA is all about universality of love, the power of acceptance. A heartfelt ground breaker in Bollywood’s same-sex love stories. EK LADKI KO DEKHA TOH AISA LAGA enjoys the ecstasy, confronts the danger and celebrates the beauty of love.

Rating 4/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Anil Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Akshay Oberoi
  • Actress: Sonam Kapoor, Regina Cassandra, Juhi Chawla
  • Director: Shelly Chopra
  • Production house: Vinod Chopra Films
  • Distributor: Fox Star Studios
  • Release Date : 01 Feb 2019
  • Movie Duration : 2 hrs