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Freaky Ali Movie Poster
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 18 Mar 2017 15:43:36.3500000 IST

Chartbusting music has played an integral and important part in most Sohail Khan directed (as well as produced!) ventures but in the case of Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer FREAKY ALI, one does expect some hatke yet entertaining and humorous (as it is a sports rom-com), and in sync with the script compositions from Sajid-Wajid.


Happy go lucky sound of trumpet which heralds a 'dhamaal' mast celebratory number, ' Aaj Din Mein Karengey' certainly manages to bring to smile on the face, due to its feel good factor and nice rhythm which is surely foot tapping. Hindustani arrangements lend the desi charm required for the number. The tune is certainly a heard before one (reminds of a folk based bhajan famous in the hinterlands- O maiyya ke deewane chale aana). Wajid and Divya Kumar put up an enthused performance along with Swati Sharma.

It is a soulful, sufi inspired philosophical inspirational outing ' Parinda Hai Parinda' that is well sung by Wajid, with a lovely background chorus - Maqbare pe baitha kabootar padhe namazein, Allah allah, Parinda hai parinda' -which is the USP of the track. Lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed are meaningful, devotional and inspirational and go well with the script.

A dargah (shrine) qawwali 'Ya Ali Murtaza' has that dhinchak beats and high tempo adrenalin pumping rhythm of the early seventies (Pancham da style) but the situational number (especially arrangements ) seems to be more inspired by Arbaaz's chartbusting song, 'Teri Jawani Badi Mast Mast Hai'(PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA). Wajid and Danish Sabri render the number with zeal. The devotional number is certainly unique as it infuses feeling of universal brotherhood and promotes communal harmony with added bhajan by Payal Dev. A commendable effort indeed.

Summing up, there are just three songs in the album and are mostly devotional and situational. One does miss a romantic number (albeit a hatke one) as the film is a sports rom-com, and we know that actor par excellence Nawazuddin Siddiqui would have done full justice to that as well (on screen). Our picks- 'Aaj Din Mein Karengey' and 'Parinda Hai Parinda'. The songs should surely aid the proceedings when the film releases all over this Friday.

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Maintaining the consistency of Sohail Khan as a filmmaker that started with the dud HELLO BROTHER in 1999,FREAKY ALI starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a mockery of a comedy in which nothing really comes to a head.


Why a comedy based on this game of Golf which is in general believed to be a boring, unpopular and uninteresting in this part of the world which worships cricket is above imagination.

Maybe Sohail had found it interesting to invest moviegoer's interest in this game by a larky romp that will aim only to please and turn an amiable screw ball but it fumbles and fumbles so early that never really gets back in the game. In golfing sense - a sheer 'duff' (poor golfer).

The writers Sohail Khan (sad to find writer papa Salim restricted to defend 'bhai's goof ups and loose talks) and his partner Raaj Shaandilyaa write this script which heads nowhere starts with Ali (Siddiqui) selling under garments. A goof up with the owner lands him out of job and a friend Maksood (Arbaaz Khan) makes him a member of a local gang of goons lead by a clumsy boss played by Nikitin Dheer.

A 'vasooli' (extortion) assignment at a Golf course makes a caddie Kishen Lal (Asif Basra) spot his talent. Kishen Lal stays in the same 'mohalla' (area) of Ali. Rest is how Ali in the most weird circumstances that celebrate buffoonery gets trained to become a champion golfer and challenges the current champion Vikram Rathore (Jas Arora).

It was sad to see Siddiqui after such a brilliant work in RAMAN RAGHAV 2.0 making a fool of himself. Apart from Seema Biswas as Ali's mother, Asif Basra and Arbaaz Khan to an extent, nothing else leaves any impression in this self depreciating flick which goes from bad to worse. A Devgn style entry of Jackie Shroff which makes you cringe and hit the screen with that golf stick. An unnecessarily loud Jas Arora makes you wonder and the mystery for casting Amy Jackson remains unsolved.

Ending it with this example that reveals the level of writing and this flick. Picture this - Arbaaz Khan to a girl : Kya Rapchik maal hai. The girl responds: what chik. Arbaaz says : rapchick. Girl reacts : you should get a rap on your face and she runs.


Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Amy Jackson, Arbaaz Khan, Jas Arora, Nikitin Dheer and Asif Basra
  • Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed and Danish Sabri
  • Director: Sohail Khan
  • Music Director: Sajid-Wajid
  • Release Date : 09 Sep 2016