Gone Kesh movie review: Shweta Tripathi gladly lets her hair down

Gone Kesh Movie Still
Gone Kesh Movie Still

GONE KESH movie review is here. Starring the MASAAN fame Shweta Tripathi, the movie is releasing this Friday – 29th March 2019. Directed by debutant Qasim Khallow, the movie touches the rare topic of alopecia - a condition where a person starts losing hair rapidly. Let’s find out how far the makers have succeeded in touching the subject in GONE KESH movie review.

The Story of GONE KESH
Enakshi (Shweta Tripathi) is a school going teen suffering from alopecia. Her caring parents father played by Vipin Sharma - petty street vendor and mother played by Deepika Amin – a housewife try everything but in vain. The rapid hair loss results in Enakshi - a gifted dancer in losing her self esteem. She is unable to find a match, no excitement in life; Enakshi covers her bald truth with a beautiful wig. How circumstances makes Enakshi discover her passion for dancing and inner self finds the crux of this coming of age drama that speaks about the rare challenge of alopecia.

Good points
Debutant Qasim Khallow handles the issue of alopecia with a pleasantly feel good sensibility and it feels like a fairy tale. The parents are shown as mature individuals who understand the feelings of their daughter and can go at any length for improving their child’s life. A toast to girl child is also felt when the parents of Enakshi are not keen to get her married to any tom dick or harry. The emotional chord between Enakshi and her parents is the major highlight.

Shweta Tripathi gladly lets her hair down in a winning portrayal of Enakshi, charming, bubbly and strong from inside. The actress is so effortless that it makes the audience connect with her at a snap whether as a teen or as a wig clad cosmetics sales girl. Vipin Sharma is excellent. Deepika Amin is fantastic. Jitendra Kumar as Enakshi love interest has its moments.

The movie’s emphasis on remanding feel good throughout and taking extra liberties comes as a hurdle. The idea of showing Vipin Sharma as a street vendor seems to be a manipulation that has gone a bit far. Surprisingly, we don’t see much of Enakshi dancing. She dances only in a dream sequence. We don,t see her practice, The dance competition that brings a turning point in her life for which she quits her job is again surprisingly shot by taking reactions from her parents and public, we don,t see Enakshi dance here as well. Maybe, the makers believed that the protagonist has come out from her closet and that is more important. But they also immediately show her as an inspiration and an icon. How that happened?. Some feelings require some build up and establishment and the above mention flaws threaten the pious filament of GONE KESH.

Final words
GONE KESH happily says that nobody is a gone case; we all have something in us that makes us unique. Debutant Qasim Khallow has made a positive movie on hope by touching the rare issue of alopecia where Shweta Tripathi gladly puts her hair down.

Rating 3/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actress: Shweta Tripathi
  • Director: Qasim Khallow
  • Actor: Vipin Sharma
  • Release Date : 29 Mar 2019
  • Movie Duration : 1 hr 40 mins