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Pankaj Sabnani By Pankaj Sabnani | 18 Mar 2017 15:37:57.6470000 IST

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Supernatural and horror films have something which is intriguing. There is a certain urge to know what is beyond our perception. But more often than not, the execution is not up to the mark. HELP is no exception.

Pia (Mugdha Godse) is married to filmmaker Vic (Bobby Deol). While going through a tumultuous relationship they unexpectedly have to rush to Mauritius after Pia's father has a heart attack. When she goes to her old home in Mauritius, Pia is confronted by her past. She had lost her five-year-old twin sister in an accident and now it seems that her spirit is back to take revenge. Taking the help of a renowned parapsychologist, Dr. Aditya Motwani (Shreyas Talpade), Vic now has task of getting to the bottom of the mystery and save her pregnant wife.

While the first half of Rajiv Virani's directorial debut HELP is slow, it picks up in the second half with a decent and unpredictable background story. Supposedly
inspired from the Hollywood film, MIRRORS, its climax has some chilling moments. There are some genuinely scary scenes like the one in which the ghost is crawling on a ceiling or the climax one involving mirrors. But they are too scanty leaving you asking for more. The scene showing a dead dog with its internal organs blown apart is utter gross. It has its share of flimsy moments. The standard formula of the protagonist not believing in ghosts initially, and later believing in supernatural powers and seeking help is shown in HELP too.

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view HELP stills

There are some conspicuous flaws like there's no physical damage shown to Susan Alves' (Sophia Handa) body at her funeral, even though she died because of a brutal accident. Handicap Aditya who plays basketball on a wheelchair, drives a car and is also able to hit the brake and accelerator. Even the editing is filthy as the screen goes black numerous times for transition. A random song which has Vic whining just post interval is a complete deterrent.

Imagine this: After a heated argument with Vic, Pia informs him of her pregnancy. It completely changes Vic who hugs her and says that he can't live without her. How touching...not! Also, Dr. Aditya Motwani believes the spirit can do him no wrong until he has the 'holy water' with him. Haven't sprits evolved beyond that?

Mugdha Godse plays her part well. She looks smouldering hot in the bikini scene. Bobby Deol is decent. Shreyas Talpade is passable in his extended special appearance. Salim Fateh as Pia's father is average. And Sophia Handa as Pia's best friend, well can she act?

With a middling story but just a few scary moments, HELP ends up being an ordinary fare.

Can't really 'help' it.

Rating - 2/5

Rating 2/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Bobby Deol, Mugdha Godse, Sophie Handa, Shreyas Talpade
  • Lyrics: Irshad kamil
  • Director: Rajeev Virani
  • Music Director: Ashutosh Pathak

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