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Housefull 3 Movie Poster
Housefull 3 Movie Poster
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 18 Mar 2017 15:40:38.1700000 IST

HOUSEFULL 3, naturally the third in the series of the super hit HOUSEFULL franchise, warrants fulltoo entertaining, chartbusting music, the kind we witnessed in the earlier Sajid Khan directed ventures. This time Sajid-Farhad (of ENTERTAINMENT fame! ) wield the baton and composers (and lyricists) too change hands.


It's entirely a different Sharib-Toshi that we encounter with the very first song 'Pyaar Ki' but which is fully in sync with the masti / entertaining theme of the film. It's a chartbusting effort by the composers, even though the tune used is very heard before (in Punjabi tracks of Gurdas Maan and Daler Mehdi), but is quite racy and addictive. The Latino arrangements combined with Hindustani lend a good touch. Naksh Aziz, Divya Kumar and Anmol Malik render the number with zest and Earl Edgar provides the very humorous rap.

Sohail Sen composes 'Taang Utha Ke', a club dance number and the song is fun as long as it lasts but one expected a fresh tune from the composer. The song appears to be a heady mix of many different masala chartbusters of yore featuring Amitabh Bachchan (a few that come to mind are 'Jahan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai' (KAALIA) . Mika Singh leads with his enthusiastic rendition and is supported by the composer, Neeti Mohun and Mamta Sharma.

'Malamaal' starts off like a true blue desi Punjabi wedding folk song and changes into a UK pop bhangra dance number soon enough, but sadly once again the tune chosen by Mika Singh and Malind Gaba is very heard before. The arrangements too are quite tacky.

'Fake Ishq' brings smile to the face and all credit to Tanishk Bagchi for the first honest effort of the album. Even though Tanishk uses the famous 'qawwali' ('Yeh Ishq Ishq') for the purpose but he does well to turn it into a situational comedy like feel where the leads cry out their hearts through an extremely funny rendition. Kailash Kher, Altamash Faridi and Naksh Aziz render it in an emotive qawwali style. Lyrics (Sajid-Farhad and Arafat Mehmood) are the best part of the song.

To conclude, one cannot help but feel a bit disappointed by the audio of HOUSEFULL 3, especially if we compare it to the last two HOUSEFULL franchises, where the compositions were just not chartbusting but were melodious, tunes fresh and songs still in circulation! Having said that a couple of songs in HOUSEFULL 3 have the potential to get popular, specially 'Pyaar Ki' and 'Malamaal', and will help the movie which releases all over on 3rd June.

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The much touted potential blockbuster and the highly awaited third installment to the 'hit' HOUSEFULL franchise gets finally unleashed.

Though Akshay Kumar is game and Abhishek Bachchan raps some giggles in his name, the latest addition helmed by Sajid Farhad (ITS ENTERTAINMENT previous) eludes both Akshay and Abhishek in this middling update.


Neither a disaster nor a fully realized madcap farce, HOUSEFULL 3 survives majorly on Akshay Kumar's bursts of craziness as Sandy/Sundy with a bit of helping hand from Abhishek Bachchan.. rest is on the loose as the director writer duo Sajid Farhad's merger of goofball gags and childish jokes makes you search for a 'thandi wali dava' chill pill..

Lots more like that in this K. Subash story about a London based business tycoon Batook Patel (Boman Irani) who doesn't want his three daughters - Ganga (Jacqueline), Jamuna (Nargis) and Saraswati (Lisa), to get married.

The London beauties however are smitten by these three losers - Sandy (Akshay), Bunty (Abhishek) and Teddy (Riteish) who fall for these ladies for 'paisa' first followed by 'pyaar' in a couple of genuinely funny but rest a 'bheja boil' of events where Sandy, Bunty, and Teddy turn lame, blind and mute turn by turn while the ladies are constantly dumb right from the first reel.

The story has the deja vu of its previous installments but fails to add any novelty.. ditto for Sajid Farhad dialouge writing which is obsessed with its juveline approch we saw in its directorial debut (ITS ENTERTAINMENT) and BOL BACHCHAN ( the translation of Hindi proverbs in English) here its English getting translated into Hindi that lacks the required humour. the last installment fails to stand up to the challenge in tickling the audiences' funny bones as its predecessor did.

Yeah... its escapism, buffoonery and finding 'realisms in such genre is like making fun of yourself but HOUSEFULL 3 is drawn out and makes you wonder to whom is this juvenile revival targeted..

As said earlier, Akshay Kumar nails it, Abhishek Bachchan is decent and Riteish is in his comfort zone.

The ladies - Jacqueline, Nargis and Lisa either shake their booty in the peppy 'Pyar Ki Maa Ki' and 'Taang Uthake' or get into this weird competition of translating English proverbs in Hindi like bandook ke bete (son of a gun), aankh ke seb (apple of eye).

Boman and Chunky Pandey (Aakhri Pasta) didn't amuse much.

All said and done, HOUSEFULL 3 may still find patronage among Akshay Kumar's die-hard fans and those who can laugh at anything. Leaving the rest to pray that this may be the 'Aakhri Pasta' (the last installment) of this no brainer that was once upon a time an entertainer...


Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Haydon, Jacqueline Fernandez, Jackie Shroff, Chunky Pandey and Boman Irani
  • Lyrics: Sameer Sen, Farhad-Sajid, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Mamta Sharma, Arafat Mehmood, Raool, Manoj Yadav and Danish Sabri
  • Director: Sajid-Farhad
  • Music Director: Sohail Sen, Mika Singh, Sharib-Toshi and Tanishk Bagchi
  • Release Date : 03 Jun 2016