Junglee movie review: Russell tune kya kiya?

Junglee movie poster
Junglee movie poster

Junglee movie review: Russell tune kya kiya?

JUNGLEE movie review is here. Helmed by THE MASK, THE SCORPION KING fame Hollywood director Chuck Russell, the action adventure stars Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Sawant, and Asha Bhat. Let’s find out what looks like a deadly combo on paper - Chuck Russell and Vidyut Jammval do in this touted action adventure.

Immediate though that came into my mind when the end credits of JUNGLEE started rolling
Russell tune kya kiya (what have you done Russell?, rough translation) ek potential universal jungle action adventure ki ummed ko masal kar rakh diya (crushed the potential of a universal jungle action adventure). Is this a drunken tribute to Tony Jaa’s action phenomenon THE PROTECTOR and superstar Rajesh Khanna’s HAATHI MERE SAATHI?.

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The Story of JUNGLEE
Mumbai-based veterinary doctor Dr Raj Nair (Vidyut), returns to his birth place – Chandrika (an elephant sanctuary) managed by his father after 10 years. He meets his childhood friend Bhola –the King elephant with giant tusk. Raj feels that things have changed and the sanctuary is facing difficulties. A deadly attack on the elephants by a bunch of poachers, led by (Atul Kulkarni), makes Raj stand for his friend Bhola, his father, his love for jungle and humanity.

Plus points
Eye popping visuals, real elephants, the camera of Mark Irwin and Sachin Gadankush makes us indulge in a rare delight on screen. The elephants look so beautiful and divine.

Vidyut Jammval
Man, he is a stunner and an outstanding martial art expert. Why he doesn’t get a BABY or TIGER ZINDA HAI type of well etched action bonanza. Such astonishing talent needs a solid script to back his expertise.

Chuck Russell
He seems to have lost it and maybe to please Indian masses he tries every cliché but they don’t work.  The readers will be surprise to know that the movie is fine till first half. More surprise in store – Chuck Russell understands what importance and significance elephant holds for an Indian. The movie is shot in Thailand – a place where elephants are treated as sacred animals like cows in India. There is even a scene where Lord Ganesha appears?!! Still he manages to create a blunder. The second half seems to be done in a hurry as if Russell or Vidyut where getting late for a flight.

Be ready for a shocker of the year. The action is good if it was done by Rajpal Yadav, come on.. it’s a movie starring Vidyut Jammval give him the challenge, the action is tight and good, but if we have Vidyut, we expect our ‘commando’ to be extraordinary. It’s just like any other routine action. Disappointing.

Any other highlight
Atul Kulkarni is fantastic. Akshay Oberoi chips in with valuable support. Pooja Sawant and Asha Bhatt have their moments.

Any emotional connection good or bad in JUNGLEE
The poaching scene disturbs you and the song Garje Gajraj Hamara makes you fall in love with elephants again.

Final words
Sadly, JUNGLEE is a disappointment and it gets bigger when we see the name of Chuck Russell. The director’s Bollywood debut is so plain routine in the end. A perfect example of a movie destroyed by the curse of the second half. I liked the first half and expected some serious statements in elephant tusk poaching, wild life, nature and some pulse rising action during the climax. Nothing as such.

Rating 2/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Director: Chuck Russell
  • Actor: Vidyut Jammwal
  • Actress: Pooja Sawant
  • Production house: Junglee Pictures
  • Release Date : 29 Mar 2019
  • Movie Duration : 1 hr 55 mins