KRUTANT is an intoxicating psychological mystery


KRUTANT movie review is out. Directed by Datta Mohan Bhandare, the psychological drama marks the return of noted Marathi actor Sandeep Kulkarni back to Marathi cinema after a sabbatical of five years. KRUTANT has made considerable noise at the social media platform for its mystically quirky look and atmosphere. Let’s see how mysterious and interesting KRUTANT is in the movie review.

Is KRUTANT a suspense thriller/a horror, a murder mystery? What is KRUTANT all about?

KRUTANT is basically a psychological thriller that is novel in its theme and approach; it’s not the routine scary musical on ghosts, evil. It has a thought and a philosophy of life that makes it an intriguing watch.

What is the plot/storyline of KRUTANT?
Samyak (Suyog Gorhe) is a busy professional. Smart, hardworking and ambitious, Samyak is always on toes, on the move, but there is a vacuum in his personal life, no time for his loving and caring wife Reva (Sayali Patil), kid and family. Samyak has everything but happiness, joy and ‘moments’ are missing from his life. In fact he hardly has a life. He even neglects the plea of his mother played by Vidya Karanjikar to visit his ancestral place. One day after striking a good deal, Samyak agrees to spend two days with his friends and agrees to go on a trip to his friend Vicky’s (Faiz) village. Unfortunately, Samyak’s friends who are already there fail to pick him up as their car meets with a failure leaving Samyak to stay in a tiny dwelling of a mysterious looking man played by Sandeep Kulkarni. Irritated by his situation, in the midst of a forest with rains pouring, the mysterious man and Samyak get into an interesting conversation, which leads to a bonding between Samyak and the mysterious man. The mysterious man then begins an interesting story, which gets interrupted by Samyak’s friend Vicky who turns up. Samyak immediately wants to leave the company of the mysterious man who provided him shelter, protection from rain and gave him company. The mysterious man wants Samyak to ‘stay’ for a while have the ‘patience’, and hear the story, but Samyak is adamant and wants to leave. The mysterious man doesn’t like it and what happens next forms the crux of this intriguingly interrogating psychological thriller drama.

How is Datta Mohan Bhandare’s direction in Krutant?
KRUTANT is a rare psychological thriller drama that maintains a fine balance in respecting the Hitchcockian style of mystery and offering an insight into the philosophy of life and death. It’s a challenge for a filmmaker to churn a psychological thriller that relies primarily on ambience, character interplay, making the movie an intriguing experience and making the audience travel through the emotions of its lead characters. The filmmaker uses metaphors that connects with the core idea - a bus with the name destiny, a solitary hut in the midst of a forest that survives rain, heat and dust, the absorbing contrast of having a family but alone in a busy metropolitan city and being alone in a makeshift hut in the middle of the forest. It’s not that creepy blood sucking demons or some ‘aatma’ on the prowl for revenge, it’s something more ‘personal’ and that’s the ‘haunt’, which makes it unique. Divulging more details will act as a spoiler but KRUTANT is nothing short of an experience with a difference in psychological drama genre.

Sandeep Kulkarni’s comeback in KRUTANT
The talented Sandeep Kulkarni makes a terrific comeback to Marathi cinema with a haunting portrayal of a mysterious man in the movie. The movie opens with Sandeeep Kulkarni holding a street hoarding on a lonely rainy street surrounded by lush green forest and when the young Suyog Gorhe comes on screen, the chemistry is instant and as the movie progresses Sandeep Kulkarni commands his presence over the mind and eyes of the audience with aplomb. His dialogue delivery, the expressions from the eyes and body language are in sync with the mystical quirkiness of his character and the actor delivers a brilliant act.

Other performances
Suyog Gorhe as Samyak the man excelling in work but struggling for peace and space in life can be anyone like us or any one of our friend. Suyog Gorhe is completely relatable and identifiable and he compliments Sandeep Kulkarni in the best way possible. Mind you, Sandep Kulkarni’s brilliant act comes into light because of the right focus given by Suyog to his character. He never gets overboard and his performance is magically real. Sayli Patil is fine. Vidya Karanjikar is competent. Faiz is alright.

Technical analysis/making
Vijay Mishra’s camera is the silent character of KRUTANT. Mishra’s camera vividly captures the mood with right tones creating the required mystical atmosphere that makes the audience engrossed in the picture. Prachi Rohidas editing is apt.

Those looking for the run of the mill stuff will be disappointed. KRUTANT does demand a bit of patience.

Final verdict
KRUTANT produced by Miiheer Shah and (co-producer) Sharad Mishra, coming under the banner of Rain Rose Films starring Sandeep Kulkarni and Suyog Gorhe in lead is an intoxicating drive. Directed by Datta Mohan Bhandare, KRUTANT is a rare psychological drama that fights myths and demands an insight. It’s hauntingly relatable and brilliantly performed piece of cinema that will find accolades amongst those who have some ‘patience’ to see something intriguingly riveting and mystical like its title. KRUTANT is a beginning, an end, a closure or an opening… experience it at a nearest theatre to find out what it is for you.

Rating 3.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Sandeep Kulkarni, Suyog Gorhe
  • Actress: Sayali Patil
  • Director: Datta Mohan Bhandare
  • Release Date : 18 Jan 2019
  • Movie Duration : 2 HOURS