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Makkhi Movie Poster
Makkhi Movie Poster
Martin D'Souza By Martin D'Souza | 18 Mar 2017 15:40:13.3700000 IST

My word: MAKKHI is a blockbuster. It's another story that I had to literally bulldoze my way into buying a ticket at IMAX since I was the only one for the first show at 3.45pm. Thankfully, after the ticket vendor sold one to me, there were almost 10 others in the theatre. By Sunday, I am sure the audience will drive in droves to watch this action hero. If you are reading this review, I suggest you make plans to book your tickets.

view MAKKHI stills
view MAKKHI stills

It takes immense belief in self to bank on an idea which most will laugh at. "A Makkhi as a hero? You must be joking," would have been the oft-heard comment S S Rajamouli would have heard when he attempted this flick. I guess, Rajamouli must have banked on his gut-instinct more than anything else - apart from the fact that he knew what he was doing - to write and direct EGGA. MAKKHI is the dubbed version of this Telugu hit.

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Forget the Khans and the lone Kapoor; this one MAKKHI will bring the house down. There is romance, revenge and action aplenty as MAKKHI goes about settling scores with Sudeep (Sudeep) a millionaire in the construction business. This MAKKHI pumps iron, does push-ups and also communicates. The warpath he goes on is planned in scientific detail. The special effects are simply mind-numbing. The metamorphoses of Jani, reborn as a MAKKHI, is brilliantly executed. The incubation period and the time he finally has to take flight is documented in detail.

Most importantly, it is a tightly-bound script with no loose sheaves in between. Sudeep has a roving eye. According to him, no woman is too difficult for him to charm. That is until he chances upon Bindu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), a micro-artist who runs an NGO. Jani (Nani) is Bindu's silent admirer who lives opposite her building. For two years they communicate without speaking a single word. Like a fly, Jani buzzes around Bindu wherever she goes. She is in love with him but Jani, though aware she is fond of him, is not aware about the depth of her feelings. And by the time she expresses her love to him, it is too late. He is killed by Sudeep, who is smitten by Bindu and wants no hindrance in his path.

Bindu is heartbroken. Jani is reborn as a MAKKHI after 10 days. From there begins his revenge. Sudeep spends sleepless nights and is driven up the wall - literally. Meanwhile, Jani communicates to Bindu who he really is. They then team up to get even with Sudeep.

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The visual effects are as stunning as the script. The fly buzzing around his business of annihilating Sudeep eggs you on to cheer up for this helpless insect. Rajamouli casts that spell on his audience where you want to do exactly what MAKKHI is doing on screen to the villain. The last time anyone had this feeling I guess was when Gabbar was crushed by Thakur under his spiked boots.

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Sudeep as the Casanova is superb. He creates that evil aura around him that makes you automatically hate him. The romance between the two lovebirds is refreshing. There is so much being communicated without even as many words being spoken. Both Samantha and Nani are as cute as cute can be.

It's a super-duper film, one that cannot be missed at any cost.

Rating: 4.5

Rating 4.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Sudeep, Nani and Samantha
  • Lyrics: nil
  • Director: S S Rajamouli
  • Music Director: M. M. Kreem

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