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Mr.X Movie Poster
Mr.X Movie Poster
Martin D'Souza By Martin D'Souza | 18 Mar 2017 15:42:14.0570000 IST

Fox Star Studio's and Mukesh Bhatt produced MR. X, directed by horror gen master Vikram Bhatt, marks the comeback of music's lucky mascot Emraan Hashmi to his home banner, after quite a while. And naturally expectations are sky high from Jeet Gannguly and Ankit Tiwari, who have an enviable reputation as far as chartbusting mass appealing audio is concerned.


The title song, 'Mr. X', composed by Jeet Gannguly does have the mystery, suspense and a good rhythm required. It is indeed a special song, as veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt makes his debut as a singer (although it's not full-fledged singing), along with Mili Nair, the female vocalist, who does a good job. Rashmi Singh's lyrics befit the film's situation.

Ankit Tiwari's 'Tu Jo Hain' is a soft, passionate love ballad, with a lovely addictive tune, the kind that one associates with Ankit Tiwari these days. Ankit's performance is very good, both as a singer and musician. Mohnish Raza's lyrics are filmy.

Ankit Tiwari meets Pritam (Sufi laced South Asian background music) in this romantic sufi inspired love song, 'Saad Shurkrana' (Saad= innumerable). The harmonica adds to the charm. Ankit renders the difficult song well, though one would have preferred Arijit Singh. Manoj's lyrics are beautiful.

'Alif Se' (Alif-The first Urdu/Arabic alphabet) is a nice dance number, with an Arabic flowing rhythm. Neeti Mohan renders the number, though the digitized vocals are a slight turn off, with the male chorus joining in the background (as the lead is apparently invisible). Abhendra's Urdu lyrics are appealing, though they might not be comprehendible for all.

The soft, haunting and mysterious signature tune of Mr. X is the highlight of 'Teri Khushboo' (male version), sung adeptly by Arijit Singh. The sad slow separation judaai number by Jeet appeals and so do the lyrics.

Palak Muchhal renders the female version with elan and sings almost unplugged.

Rounding off, the audio of MR X meets our expectations, to an extent, with both Jeet and Ankit coming up with a few lovely chartbusting scores. Having said that, our expectations from an Emraan-Bhatt project were much higher, based on previous archives. All the same, 'Tu Jo Hai', 'Saad Shukrana' and 'Teri Khushboo' are our picks. The good audio coupled with great promotion should ensure a decent opening for MR. X when it releases all over on 17th April.

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Bhatt movies have that same signature tune and similar story-lines (non-existent). MR X is no different. He too is non-existent.


He was Raghu (Emraan Hashmi) for a few reels until he ran into bad men who tried to knock him off after they got him to knock off the Chief Minister. He was saved by the idol of a deity in his pocket given to him by someone who he helped get a job as a computer hacker in the Anti-Terrorist Department. Incidentally, Raghu was the best officer in that department.

His girlfriend, who he was to marry the next day, Milli (Amyra Dastur) also works with him in the same squad. Both apparently are good officers. She comes to work in cocktail dresses and he in leather jackets.

Anyway, coming back to the plot, Raghu escapes the bid on his life by drinking a chemical which has not yet been tried even on rats. He has no choice, either way he is a dead duck. He drinks and survives. He becomes Mr X. He cannot be seen most of the times. Half invisible, you see.

But the sad part is when he meets Milli again, instead of telling her the truth as to what happened to him, he goes about in circles, giving her just half clues. Naturally, she gets confused and is pissed off with him.

So she vows to bring him to book, hook or by crook! She has a dad who she conveniently goes to for help towards the end of the film. Who or what her dad was, no one knows. I do hope the writer had a clue.

To cut the long story short, Mr X manages to clean up the mess he was put into in the first place and all is well that ends well. He gets into the shower as well with Milli for the last shot.

Emraan gets his mandatory dose of smooches. In one scene, Amyra just jumps for his lips at the sound of ''action''; like you see runners getting off the block at the sound of the gun.

One should not be mistaken for Arunodhay Singh's act of the bad cop as an extension of his role from MAIN TERA HERO. Same to same; Ditto!

If you are an Emraan Hashmi fan, then this is for you. If not, go to COURT!

Pun intended!

Rating 1/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Director: Vikram Bhatt
  • Actor: Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur and Arunoday Singh
  • Music Director: Jeet Gannguly and Ankit Tiwari
  • Lyrics: Rashmi Singh, Mohnish Raza, Abhendra Kumar and Manoj Shukla
  • Release Date : 17 Apr 2015

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