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Munna Michael Movie Poster
Munna Michael Movie Poster
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 18 Mar 2017 15:43:43.1300000 IST

Director Sabbir Khan and Tiger Shroff, after delivering two back to back successes, HEROPANTI and BAAGHI, get together for another one, probably a hat trick this time with their upcoming venture, MUNNA MICHAEL, an action dance drama. A host of music directors have been assigned the task and one expects some foot tapping chartbusting dance numbers as the male lead is shown to be a die-hard fan of legendary Micheal Jackson.


The very first song on the playlist, 'Main Hoon' is an out and out stage dance number (by Tanishk Bagchi) that has just the right beats and a superb groovy rhythm that hooks. The lyrics (by Kumaar) are apt and give a fine introduction of the male lead. Siddharth Mahadevan does a good job.

The next number, 'Ding Dang', composed by Javed Mohsin, at the first hear appear to be another typical ched-chaad propositioning , a la David- Govinda masala number, but the composers and lyricists (Danish Sabri and Sabbir Khan) do manage to give it that contemporary touch. Amit Mishra and Antara render the number well.

Composer Vishal Mishra (who also chips in as a singer) delivers a nice, petal soft smooth love ballad, 'Pyar Ho' with Sunidhi Chauhan providing superb support. Kumaar filmy lyrics suit the romantic situation. There another redux version which is a bit on the slower side (rhythm wise) and is good.

'Swag' composed by Pranay Rijia is another peppy dance number sung by the composer himself and Brajesh Shandilya and should definitely translate well on screen. A nice, motivational dance number.

There is another version 'Swag Rebirth' which is treated quite differently in terms of music a arrangements with added rap.

The ultimate dance number that should be played during the climax (may be pre climax), 'Beparwah' is certainly a chartbusting number composed by Gourav-Roshin and sung well by Siddharth Basrur with good support from Nandini Deb. The background music arrangements (the grand orchestra) doe remind one of chartbusting international number 'The Final Countdown' (by Europe).

Meet Bros and Kanika Kapoor come together for 'Shake Karan', a song in the same corridor as their own chartbusting ('Chittiyaan Kalayiaan'), and it's an enjoyable fare. A good combo of Bhangra Pop, rap and hip hop, Kumaar lyrics add chaar chand to the number.

Another song that fits in totally with the script is 'Feel The Rhythm' which is a nice groovy dance number composed by Pranaay and sung by well by Rahul Pandey.

'Beat It Bijuria' is quite a unique fusion of Indian western and one does get an instant liking to it. Asees Kaur and Renesa Bagchi render the Tanishk Bagchi-Vayu composed number.

Summing up, the audio of MUNNA MICHAEL does stand up to the expectations with some chartbusting and enjoyable numbers containing the spirit of the movie which revolves around dancing (late Michael Jackson style). Our picks, 'Main Hoon', 'Ding Dang' and 'Beparwah'. The song should definitely help the cause of the film which sees a July 21st release.

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Its circa 1995, the intensity King of Bollywood, who hardly smiles on screen is seen dancing to Govinda's COOLIE NO. 1 'roop hai suhana song' as one of the group extras, yes we are talking about Ronit Roy who plays Michael in this ding dang hell of a dance cum pyaar ishq mohabbat dosti misadventure misdirected by Sabbir Khan.


Out of job soon after the shoot, the drunken Michael finds an abandoned baby boy on the road; he brings him home and calls him Munna. 'That's why' the movie is called MUNNA MICHAEL and excuse me, it's not a father son bonding wala story (later on what it intended to be and what it became). In the background a tune similar to the opening notes of MLTR ((Michael Learns to Rock) 'That's why' (again but for a different reason) number is playing smoothly. I tried to get the connection between the two 'Michaels' that have come across in those initial reels but an LP record of King of Pop - Michael Jackson's 'Beat it' asked me to beat the idea of finding any intelligence in the script of a Sabbir Khan entertainer starring the current young dance and stunt sensation - Tiger Shroff, that can be written on a piece of paper as big as your restaurant bill.

So what is MUNNA MICHAEL all about?... kya hai yeh MUNNA MICHAEL? If you expected it to be a heartfelt tribute to MJ - the king of pop that will moonwalk in the annals of Bollywood better dance based films, it's certainly not. The dots that are observed - father Michael big fan of MJ (even dresses like him) gives up dance for being a failure, brings an abandon baby boy at home and as a symbol of final adieu to dance takes off his hat and salutes an LP record of MJ. The baby boy Munna (Tiger Shroff) has music in his genes; he grows up to be a gifted dancer who secretly learned dancing by watching videos of Michael Jackson. Till the casting credits are getting rolled and Tiger is introduced, the audience definitely had a film on hand.

But Boom, like Tiger's kick-buttin, skull smashin, the movie gets into an all together different zone as if an ongoing dance show suddenly gets replaced by a comedy show. Papa Michael doesn't approve the dance moves of Munna, who leaves Mumbai and goes to Delhi. Two songs are done and now it's time to exploit Tiger's popular stunt baazi, so Munna gets into a fight with a local goon played by Pankaj Tripathi who turns out to be the brother of Mahinder Fauji (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who runs a land grabbing mafia. Impressed by Munna's dancing skills, Mahinder hires Munna as his dance teacher and they become best buddies.

Mahinder is learning to be dancer because he wants to cha cha cha and sambha with this Rambha by the name Dolly (Nidhhi Agerwal ) a dancer. Dolly dreams to be a reality show star and falls for Munna. Obviously, she becomes the bone of contention between Munna and Mahinder and by the time both Munna and Dolly start ding dang together, the 'spirit' of MJ which was hoping for some miracle gets vanished by jumping in the well. Hell. MUNNA MICHAEL fails to fit in any particular genre. The romance, bromance, the inspiration from MJ all are half backed.

The only thing that gives some credibility to the film is Tiger Shroff's undeniable energy, his boy like charm and of course his incredible dance moves and stunts that makes him stand apart and a favorite amongst kids. He is thoroughly enjoyable and gives his fans moments to whistle and cheer. If rated by Tiger Shroff's dance and action moves alone then MUNNA MICHAEL scores 9 out of 10 but as a film it struggles to get even passing grades.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui gets a role almost parallel to Tiger but look at the irony, a very average actor like Tiger due to his unmatched skills that are vital in mainstream cinema to be a star like dancing and stunts, forces the NSD trained brilliant actor like Nawazuddin Siddiqui to try something extra to get noticed. Nawazuddin manages anyhow in the end to gain attention but actually he is wasted and luckily escapes from turning into a caricature.

New comer Nidhhi Agerwal is just plain okay. Pankaj Tripathi is fine. The erstwhile intense and serious Ronit Roy laughs, cries and even shakes a leg. Last time he smiled and laughed in Abbas Mastan's MACHINE (just recollecting, not giving any hints).

Director Sabbir Khan's fourth film after KAMBAKKHT ISHQ (2009), HEROPANTI (2014), BAAGHI (2016) sadly turns up into his weakest film and fails to hold the attention.

Like Farah Khan, Shaan and Chitrandga Singh who play celebrity judge of a dance reality show which Dolly urf Deepika wins of course with the help of Tiger's scintillating dance in the final act, the celebrity judges are seen cheering constantly, the fans of Tiger may join them but the rest who searched for a film in this show will be disappointing.

Yes it was supposed to be routine but entertaining and Sabbir Khan had a 'routine' in providing entertainment to the audience in his previous three films but here he fails in his routine. Tiger Shroff and Sabbir combo is incomplete without a punch line, they do have it in MUNNA MICHAEL too which goes like 'Munna jhagda nahi karta, munna sirf pithta hai." (I don't fight I only beat).. Congratulations to those who get this.. and I end up with something inspired from the above ''Munna Michael is not cinema, it's a circus where we see a chiseled Tiger dancing like a dream''. Beat it' or 'Enjoy Yourselves'.
(Half an extra for those dance moves)

Rating 2/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Tiger Shroff, Nidhhi Agerwal and Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Lyrics: Kumaar, Danish Sabri and Sabbir Khan
  • Director: Sabbir Khan
  • Music Director: Tanishk Bagchi, Javed Mohsin, Vishal Mishra, Pranaay Rijia, Gourav Roshin and Meet Bros
  • Release Date : 21 Jul 2017