FRYDAY Movie Review : Fun day

Fryday Movie Poster (courtesy : Inbox Pictures)

The vintage Govinda, the entertainment no.1 is back. Director Abhishek Dogra (DOLLY KI DOLI previous) gives a cracker in a typical Govinda type of an entertainer that’s undeniably crowd pleasing and made with the intention to tickle your funny bones throughout.

A popular theatre actor Gagan Kapoor (Govinda), a water purifier salesman Rajeev (Varun Sharma) an honest pumpkin who is under pressure to sell a water purifier by the name Pavitra Paani Purifier, Gagan’s social worker wife Bela ((Prabhleen Sandhu), Gagan’s girlfriend Bindu (Digangana Suryavanshi), Bindu’s husband - a police officer Ranpal (Rajesh Sharma) and a thief played by Brijendra Kala, all these characters assemble on a Friday morning in the house of Gagan Kapoor. Gagan’s wife has gone for a meeting for her NGO work and sensing the opportunity, Gagan calls Bindu at his house and situations go out of control taking funny and hilarious turns. Rajeev enters the house to fix the water purifier and a series of lies and comedy of errors results in a crazy escapist fun that is expected in such genre and movies from Govinda.

Rajeev Kaul who has written money spinners starring Govinda like SHOLA AUR SHABNAM, DULHE RAJA plus no brainers like WELCOME, WELCOME BACK and others) joins actor writer Manu Rishi Chadha to deliver what is promised. Searching for logics over here is a folly. Yes there are cheesy elements, it’s over the top with lines such as “Once in a week is must, what about Gagan Kapoor’s lust,” but it’s an art to turn such things into a genuine laughter and the writers, the director and the actor Govinda do it successfully.

The movie proves that the void created by Govinda’s absence can be filled only by Govinda and no one else. Perhaps, the only actor to have the best comic timing after the legendary Mehmood, Govinda remains a scene stealer in such genre and this time he pokes fun at himself. When Varun Sharma says, “ Topi pehnanae aur jhuth bolne mein apko....Oscar milna chahia.., Govinda immediately shots back by saying, “yaar pahle national toh mil jaaye".

Varun Sharma commendably stands on his own in a Govinda starrer and that’s an achievement for the actor. Varun has now created his own space. Govinda and Varun share a cracking chemistry which is funny and entertaining to the core.

Almost the entire 113 minutes runtime is filled with crowd pleasing punches, liners like ‘kabaab mein haddi, chedwali chaadi’. Abhishek Dogra just goes with the flow and narrates this madness inside a house simply without trying to be extra smart and sticking to the basics of making the gags on screen funny and acceptable.

The door bell, the brilliant antics of Brijendra Kala is hilarious, too good. The way Kala does his act of stealing is a scene stealer all the way.

However the second half falls short on gags as compared to the first half and seems to end on a hurried note. Plus the whole scenario seems theatrical with minimum use of outdoor locations, making it feel like a play or a television short film.

Digangana Suryavanshi looks pretty and performs well. Prabhleen Sandhu is beautiful and performs with grace. Sanjay Mishra leaves his mark in a cameo. Rajesh Sharma entertains. Other supporting actors Ashmita Kaur Bakshi (Sonam), Manoj Bakshi (Boss) do a fair job. Ishtiyak Khan as the installation guy Sunny is funny.  Atul Mathur as Akbar in that play adds to the fun and gets his own moment in the end. Meghvrat Singh as Varun’s colleague is good.

Technically fair with decent production values, Music by Sanjoy Chowdhury, Rooshin Dalal and Kaizad Gherda has nothing to talk about. Manoj Shaw’s cinematography is fine.

All said and done, FRYDAY is a fun filling ride, the no brainer is the old vintage vada pav cooked with pleasure and wrapped in the 90’s foil that is harmless and pure fun. If you have enjoyed Bollywood no brainers and Govinda’s blend of entertainers then FRYDAY is your fun day.

Rating 3/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Govinda, Varun Sharma
  • Director: Abhishek Dogra
  • Release Date : 10 Oct 2018
  • Movie Duration : 1 hour 57 minutes