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Raakh Movie Poster
Raakh Movie Poster
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 18 Mar 2017 15:43:57.8670000 IST

RAAKH is 20 minutes short film directed by Milap Zaveri which stars Vir Das, Shaad Randhawa and Richa Chadha in pivotal roles.

The name RAAKH (ashes) the backdrop of the film is quite relatable to the title.

The movie starts with close up shot of Shaad Randhawa with blood all over his face and chest he looked famished his hands and legs tied which made the opening scene intense.


Pan to Vir Das as and we get to know its Vir who has crucified Shaad for killing his wife Richa Chadha. And then begins war of words between Shaad and Vir which is very powerful.

High point of the film was the dialogue by Vir Das, "Machis ki tili jab jalti hai na.. toh shuru mein uske aag mein kitna arogance hota hai... ahankar jaise kipuri duniya ko jala degi.. phir dheere dheere usse apni aukat pata chalti hai.. Daar ke maare khud jalne ke liye fad-fadaati hai..... Bujhne se pehle ek aakhiri baar bhadkati hai... Phir bujh ke Raakh ho jati hai."

The expression of Vir and Shaad just cant be ignored and then the climax.

Well, keep guessing who the main antroganist is...

Talking about the acting skills, Shaad Randhwa's acting is powerful and intense. He has carved a niche for himself with his outstanding and powerful performance.

While Vir Das does full justice to his role, he is the game changer in the film and truly compliments the screen presence with Shaad.

Richa was seen in the film just for few montage shots, yet she looked beautiful and truly divine.

What I loved the best was the end credits with Sonu Nigam's song 'Bas Itna Hai Kehna', the picturisation of which was indeed a unique concept.

Last but not the least, Milap Zaveri's writing and direction is powerful. After venturing into comedy, serious and suspense genres, this dark film penned by him is truly commendable. RAAKH has given a new dimension to short films and has set a bench mark.

Watch it if you love dark and thriller stories and also for Shaad and Vir's power-packed performance.

Rating 3.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Vir Das, Shaad Randhawa and Richa Chadha
  • Lyrics: Rashmi Virag
  • Director: Milap Zaveri
  • Music Director: Raju Singh
  • Release Date : 07 Nov 2016

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