Rock On 2 Movie Review

Rock On 2 Movie Poster
Rock On 2 Movie Poster
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 18 Mar 2017 15:43:11.5930000 IST

A film based on rock music does garner good expectations and considering that ROCK ON!! 2 is a sequel to the iconic film, ROCK ON!!, which turned out to be surprise success (both commercially , critically and musically ) the scenario gets even more exciting. The ever dependable composer trio, Shankar-Ehsan-Loy are once again in-charge of handling the musical department along with legendary lyricist, Javed Akhtar.


The song which has the potential to turn anthemic for music lovers, 'Jaago', carries the spirit of ROCK ON ahead. A complete rock based track that serves as a wake- up call inspiring all to follow their hearts is rendered with emotions by class actor Farhan Akhtar with Siddharth Mahadevan pitching in, in the chorus.

Shraddha Kapoor who has already showcased her vocal prowess in her previous ventures like ASHIQUI 2 and EK VILLAIN, gets to render a motivational but difficult track, 'Udja Re' which she does with elan. A superb fusion of soft rock and Hindustani (the alaaps are classy and add the desi touch), S-E-L choose a nice, flowing tune with a lovely crescendo and thought provoking lyrics which are the highlights of the track.

Continuing in the spirit of 'Jaane Kyon' (DIL CHAHTA HAI), 'Agar Mein Kahoon' (LAKSHYA) and 'Pichle Saat Dino Mein' (ROCK ON), is the light, entertaining 'You Know What I Mean'. Farhan renders the propositioning number in a easy conversational manner quite like how one will propose their beloved. In fact Farhan is too natural here and identifiable as well. Lyrics too are in sync and so are the light frothy musical arrangements.

'Manzar Naya' is once again in the S-E-L comfort zone, the kind of soft and soothing love ballads that one associates the trio. But one just wished for a more accomplished singer (a professional like Mohd. Irfan or even Arijit).

Shraddha renders 'Tere Mere Dil' which is a situational track that once again questions hearts and its longings and wishes to complete the love story of the protagonists. A narrative track that aids the proceedings and provides a peak into the love story.

'Woh Jahan' sees Shraddha back where she inspires for an utopian world where there is no heartbreaks, no tears and no misery with Farhan joining Sharddha in search for that world where there is just love and happiness. A lovely number that should translate well on screen. Kudos for some lovely lyrics.

The North East hilly flavour (Meghalaya) is brought to light through 'Hoi Kiw/Chalo Chalo' which is an excellent fusion of folk music and rock. Another inspirational rock based track that inspires to go for the right and not to bow down to difficulties. The use of hilly music, local Meghalaya language (Khasi) and use of their local rock band Summersalt (Kit
Shangpliang and Pynsuklin render the number with zeal) along with ageless Usha Uthup all makes for an excellent track.

The playlist comes to an end with 'Ishq Mastana' which is a sufi based 'qawwali' number although this is the first time that SEL choose a heard before tune in this album and so they can be forgiven. The fusion of soft rock and Hindustani (tabla, dholak etc) and use of Kabir dohas in the track lifts the otherwise average track. Shankar Mahadevan renders the number in his familiar well-loved style.

Summing up, the audio of ROCK ON!! 2 will be loved by those who possess even a basic knowledge about music (not necessarily rock), and the album not only fulfils expectations but surpasses it. SEL deliver and after the MIRZYA debacle, where their classy music went unnoticed, one hopes that ROCK ON!! 2 would find its patrons (just like ROCK ON!!) and prove to be the highlight of the movie which releases all over on 11th November.

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I thought that I heard you sing, I think I thought I saw you try, That's me in the corner, That's me in the spotlight, Losing my religion, Trying to keep up with you, And I don't know if I can do it, Oh no, I've said too much, I haven't said enough..

Surprisingly, this piece from the song 'Losing My Religion' from the influential rock band R. E. M. kept haunting me as ROCK ON 2 ended with Shraddha Kapoor singing 'Udja Re' in a lady gaga inspired outfit, maybe she tried to wake up those in the auditorium who were still sleeping even after the 'Jaago' song. How 'Rocking' is that.


Failing to 'keep the faith' with the eight year old 'Magik', ROCK ON 2 is a completely contrived and forced sequel that 'loses its religion' within few minutes and ironically qualifies for a sound tribute to REM (Randomly Executed movie) obviously I didn't mean the band.

In 2008, when the MTV fed young generation of the 90's got a band movie with a DIL CHAHTA HAI twist in ROCK ON, it was fresh and it 'smelled like the teen spirit', The Abhishek kapoor helmed movie had the fresh breeze and turned out to be a perfect launch pad for Farhan Akhtar and Prachi Desai.

Eight years after the sequel to the arguable cult Bollywood band flick, ROCK ON 2 helmed by first timer as feature film director Shujaat Saudagar, is a lurchingly constructed story that fails considerably and only wins in some good performances from the actors, rest ROCK ON 2 has nothing to celebrate its past glory or write its own story.

Turning out to be an example in simplifying, easy and contrived storytelling, The Abhishek Kapoor and Pubali Chaudhuri written script introduces the characters through Kedar Zaveri / KDA (Purab Kohli) - the lead drummer of the band 'Magik. Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) is introduced as a recluse filled with grief hanging in the outskirts of Meghalaya running a co operation for the villagers and providing them farming and schooling. From the haunting incident of a shocking suicide from a young musician Rahul who was following Aditya for a chance, Aditya who blames himself for the unfortunate incident manages to get some time to try his passion with music. (Then why did he run away).

Anyway, the lead guitarist Joseph Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal) is on a different tune altogether, Joseph is a celebrity reality show judge and owes a posh nightclub in the city.

On Aditya's birthday, they all unite and also sing a song together but surprisingly the audience don,t feel the required warmth and whatever camaraderie gets established in the reunion are the dialogues which has the identification.

The forced twist of Shraddha Kapoor daughter of noted classical musician Vibhuti Sharma (Kumud Mishra) who turns the guarding angel to Aditya to resume his singing and come back to Mumbai and his world of music is predicted and comes with make believe situations without much expiations.

The glaring loophole is the fact that the famous band Magik is not much there in the film, the band doesn,t has a cult following but still its eight year old songs are popular and the members remain an icon in the world that is known for having short memories, then why is KD shown struggling to sell his music?. All such questions are left unanswered.

The predictable melodramatic angle with the repetition of the same 'give me space' issue between Prachi and Frahan doesn,t do any good. The character of Farhan as an impulsive fugitive who runs away from the situation adds more salt plus pepper to the wounds.

Shujaat Saudagar's narration has an overwhelming TV influence where he directs episodes by applying simple and easy methods like an accident, calamity etc to bring twist in the story. The characters keep popping up from nowhere as and when required without any explanation to fit the bill.

If that was not enough, in order to make a grand climax, a social cause is forcefully fed to our mouths with makes minimum impact.

Farhan Akhtar performs well, he is a better actor then a singer in any case.

Arjun Rampal is fine, Purab Kohli gets good scope and he is quite well in lighter scenes but in scenes which needs more power as an actor, Purab displays his limitations ( the Rohan suicide scene for example) Shraddha Kapoor plays her part well and yeah she can sing as well.

Shashank Arora as Uday leaves his mark, Shahana Goswami is there for two scenes. Prachi Desai excels in that four scenes she gets. Her talent is still waiting to be trapped to her potential. Kumud Mishra is fine.

Technically sound with Marc Koninck's decent photography. Music by Shankar Mahadevan, Loy Mendonsa and Ehsaan Noorani is a big disappointment.

Leaving nothing to sing about when we come out, I conclude ROCK ON 2 with that song that became famous eight year ago by saying it's a 'ek adhi padi novel' ( a half read novel), it's a song that lacks tune.

Rating 2/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Shraddha Kapoor, Prachi Desai, Purab Kohli and Shashank Arora
  • Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
  • Director: Shujaat Saudagar
  • Music Director: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
  • Release Date : 11 Nov 2016