Sachin-A Billion Dreams Movie Review

Sachin-A Billion Dreams Movie Poster
Sachin-A Billion Dreams Movie Poster
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 18 Mar 2017 15:43:21.2370000 IST

'Saaachin Saaachin', 'Saaachin Saaachin'.. The chant will always inject our hearts with hope, faith , passion and inspiration. Cricket - the English game we adopted as a religion has seen legends after legends inspiring generations after generations to excel and achieve your dreams. But Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar - the child prodigy who took up cricket at the age of 11 and played his first test match at the age of 16 is something beyond and so is this masterly straight from the heart driven docu feature which is as perfect and amazing as the Master Blaster's straight drive, cover drive, back foot punch on the off side or the effortless six to a fast bowler played with a straight bat with minimum follow through.


Award winning helmer James Erskine (BATTLE OF SEXES, FROM THE ASHES) takes this challenge to tell the story of the greatest batsmen of our times on silver screen and comes triumph in all sense. A much better docu feature biopic then those features on cricket legends like MS DHONI, etc, SACHIN : A BILLION DREAMS is a rare movie watching experience that is destined to appeal cricket fans and non-fans alike. Told with amazing real time footage, this sneak peek into Sachin Tendulkar's life from a boy next door to the God of cricket in this part of the world, has all the ingredients to inspire, captivate, motivate and haunt the fans of Sachin and lovers of this game taking them into a trance and making them to dance with joy.

The producers Bhasi Shrikant (Carnival Motion Pictures) and Ravi Bhagchandka (200 Notout Productions) smartly had shot the movie in Hindi, Marathi and English and dubbed it in Tamil and Telugu that stamps and prints the reach of this cricket legend who is an icon for icons like Dhoni, Virat, Sehwag and several others, speaks about the impact this man has over India, Indians abroad and cricket lovers in general all over the globe.

The writers James Erskine, Siva Ananth, Sandeep Srivastava (Hindi dialogue), Ajit Bhure (Marathi dialogue) open the film where we see a little boy, full of mischief and energy, the cute curly haired Sachin who after finishing his lunch puts a frog in his lunch box to scare his mom describes the adolescent, innocent and childhood mischiefs of any one from us. Such identifiable and straight from our household type settings make an instant connect with the audience as the humble beginnings of the legend is introduced to us laced with some fictional filming and real footages that juxtapose with the social and political happenings in India.

James Erskine smoothly and masterly mixes the feature with real footages and interviews that strike an emotional chord every now and then with relishing moments like the joy of receiving a bat from Kashmir from his sister to the first straight drive at Shivaji park, to excelling to get better and better for a humble incentives like a vada pav that cost 50 paise at that time is overwhelming and when the legend confesses that he prefers vada pav as his breakfast over musli and all..the feeling is infectious and it remains throughout.

With Sachin himself coming and telling his story on screen with experts like Majumdar, Bhogle and other legends like Dhoni, Virat, and Mr. Bachchan the impact is outstanding.

Famous incidents like Sachin's elder brother Ajit Tendulkar taking him to the legendary coach Ramakant Achrekar and the incentive of one coin given to those who can take the wicket of Sachin is done with perfection.

There is nostalgia in plenty for those who have grown up watching Sachin or watched Sachin from the day he started playing for India, the famous cricketer cum commentator Tony Grieg's way of pronouncing 'Sachin Tendulkar' in his renowned voice, the respect he earned when he toured Pakistan in his debut, after getting hurt on nose when he murmured 'me khelnar' ( I will play), the famous desert storm of Sharjah, the quashing of the Aussie pride in India, Sir Don's comment, Brian Lara's remarks, Shane Warne's confession, India lifting world cup in 2011 and more. The director has smartly chosen the footages and visuals and enhanced the viewing experience of this docu feature.

The failures also find a place over here and prevents this into turning into a hagiography, the ugly match fixing scandal, Sachin's failure as a captain and the controversy of the legend failing on important occasions is touched upon and how the god of cricket handled those failures and criticisms like a human is told in a touchy manner. It also highlights the facts that how much a nation relied on the shoulders of Sachin.

Divulging more will act as spoilers but without the mention of Sachin's wife Anjali will make this 'incomplete'. Episodes between Sachin and Anjali in this fairy tale like story of the legend are heartwarming. The loss of his father and his comeback from such personal setbacks and his fighting spirit against serious injuries like tennis elbow is handled with conviction.

A.R. Rahman's music especially the back ground score supports the film very well. Chris Openshaw's cinematography is perfect. Editing by Deepa Bhatia and Avdhesh Mohla is crisp.

Sachin's debut on silver screen is natural and elegant as his drives. Mayuresh Pem who plays Sachin's brother is impressive.

An interview of Vinod Kambli was missed and Sachin's sev puri parties and his fascination for butter chicken however didn't find place in this biopic which this writer was expecting.

During the ending reels, we watched that emotional speech by Sachin the legend who dream of lifting the world cup after Kapil Dev's triumph in 1983. Kapil's triumph changed the outlook of cricket in India which was now the world champion which produced legends like Sachin who united India. After the speech when Sachin touched the pitch and went emotional, tears roll down by cheek.

A feeling came into my mind that though Sachin is not taking the strike (not playing), he is still standing at the non strikers end motivating and inspiring those who want to follow the dream and keep the game ahead of anything else.

If cricket is religion and Sachin Tendulkar is God than SACHIN: A BILLION DREAMS is the offering (Prasad) that every follower of cricket and Sachin should take without fail.

Rating 4.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Sachin Tendulkar, Anjali Tendulkar, Sara Tendulkar, Arjun Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virender Sehwag and Mayrush Prem
  • Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
  • Director: James Erskine
  • Music Director: A.R. Rahman
  • Release Date : 26 May 2017