Sargoshiyan Movie Review

Sargoshiyan Movie Poster
Sargoshiyan Movie Poster
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 18 Mar 2017 15:44:34.1230000 IST

SARGOSHIYAN (meaning whispers) starts with a good point and serves as a promotion of J&K as a tourist heaven but gets lost in its juvenile eagerness to say everything and ends up as nothing.

Perturbed by the spending habits of his wife (played by an irritatingly loud bore) cameraman Vikram Roy (Indraneil Sengupta) embarks on a journey to the picturesque Kashmir for a calendar shoot accompanied by a Kashmiri Pandit friend Aryan Raina (Hasan Zaidi). In the process they meet an NRI student Sheena Oberoi (Sara Afreen Khan), who is doing a Ph.D. thesis on Kashmir and joins in along with a bank employee Imran Dar (Imran Khan) who is the guide.


During their journey, they are introduced to the ganga jamuna tehzib or say ?Kahmiriyat? but quickly gets lost in unwanted drama and trauma like Aryan Raina meeting his dadaji (grand pa) played by Alok Nath, Rahima Bee played by Farida Jalal looking for her lost son, a dangerously looking Hamsa (Arbaaz Khan) who is struggling to get the treatment of his daughter done in the valley. Plus a world renowned photographer played by Tom Alter who displays his Urdu vocabulary skills but gets done by poor dialogues.

The situation of Tom Alter can be best described to sum up SARGOSHIYAN, KASHMIR ? the Indian state which is heaven on earth has been a preferred destination by world, especially Bollywood filmmakers during the golden era but politics had doomed this beauty. SARGOSHIYAN which is intended to whisper about Kashmir, Kahmiriyat (ganga jamuma tehzib, equality as it shows a Muslim taking care of a Hindu temple) gets lost in the valley as the maker s don?t give an intriguing screenplay.

The camera work is splendid and deserves an extra mention. Performances are decent where Sara Afreen Khan, Imran Khan and Indraneil Sengupta are fine. Alok Nath is routine while it?s good to see Farida Jalal back. The dialogue writing however is strangely funny with people saying milk and not dhoodh in remote areas of Kashmir. And worse it appears like a promotion of a bank many times.

Certainly Kashmir is more than what we see and hear, SARGOSHIYAN produced by Imran Khan and directed by him in association with Vijay Verma began with a whisper but failed terribly to become a voice thanks to the maker?s choice to say everything but actually failing in making the audience to hear and/or give an ear to anything.

(for the picturesque location and at least an idea to whisper something good about Kashmir)

Rating 2/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Director: Vijay Verma and Imran Khan
  • Actor: Alok Nath, Farida Jalal, Imran Khan, Indernil Sengupta and Tom Alter
  • Music Director: Aslam Surty
  • Lyrics: Nawab Arezoo
  • Release Date : 26 May 2017