Siddharth - The Prisoner Movie Review

Siddharth - The Prisoner Movie Poster
Siddharth - The Prisoner Movie Poster
Martin D'Souza By Martin D'Souza | 18 Mar 2017 15:37:13.3900000 IST



Most directors/actors have that innate desire to experiment with cinema. But the economics of the industry is such that it does not afford anyone this largesse. Hence, commercial Hindi cinema, as it is come to be known, thrives, with themes and plots and twist and turns that sometimes makes even the actors wonder what they are up to. In a recent interview, Paresh Rawal was asked if his wife (Swaroop Sampat) was working on any projects (Hindi films). In his own inimitable way, Rawal shot back, ''Is it not enough that one man in a family is doing a bad job?'' He was not referring to his acting, just the roles that were coming his way.

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A few years ago, Subhash Ghai who produced JOGGER'S PARK mentioned at a press conference that ''These were the type of films he was always interested in. Earlier, I could not afford to do it, now I can.''

So why am I digressing from the point in question, which is SIDDHARTH. Precisely for the same reason for what this film is all about. This film is about experimenting, evolving and involving oneself to such an extent, that you no longer worry about commercial success. It's the inborn creativity of the director that is coming to the fore with the help of actors who will never shy away from such projects; in fact, they thrive on it. Case in point is Rajat Kapoor who is now becoming the master at experimenting with characters and plots that would earlier find no takers. SIDDHARTH is one such story.

Even though the plot is vague, the film captivates you with its twists. Director Prayas Gupta underlines the underworld without making a statement. You are hooked into knowing what will happen of the cyber cafe help who has failed to take care of a brief case full of money, which has accidently been replaced by Siddharth (Rajat Kapoor). In the bargain, Siddharth, who has just been released from prison (we do not know his crime), has lost his only manuscript, dedicated to his wife. He wrote the book while in prison and it's his last attempt to win back his wife who has filed for a divorce (his wife is never shown).



Mohan (Sachin Nayak) has to now find the briefcase as the mob is after him. Siddharth has stumbled upon a fortune in the bargain losing the only copy of his manuscript. Will Mohan find the booty or will Siddharth start anew with his newfound wealth? Here, Prayas keeps the thrills as he shows Siddharth's state of mind as he battles with the demons within. Without saying much, Rajat explains a lot. His body language is what reaches out to you. On the other hand, Sachin Nayak as Mohan the cyber cafe help is your boy next door who you can identify with. He pulls off a super performance.

The cinematography by Mrinal Desai and background score deserves special mention. SIDDHARTH appeals to your creative instinct but the end is a bit tame, I think. But yes, if you want to treat yourself to some intense stuff from India, stuff which you only see from the directors of the West, SIDDHARTH is your man!

Rating - 2.5/5

Rating /5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Rajat Kapoor, Sachin Nayak
  • Lyrics: Pryas Gupta
  • Director: Pryas Gupta
  • Music Director: Sagar Desai
  • Release Date : 27 Feb 2009