Singh Is Bliing Movie Review

Singh Is Bliing Movie Poster
Singh Is Bliing Movie Poster
Martin D'Souza By Martin D'Souza | 18 Mar 2017 15:41:37.9730000 IST

Grazing Goat and Pen India production venture, SINGH IS BLIING, sort of a quasi-sequel to the highly successful SINGH IS KINNG, garners huge expectations on the musical front as well , and we need not dwell into history for that. Makers have gone in for a host of experienced composers and one expects them to do the trick and repeat history.


Vociferous start with some public announcement heralds the folksy with western sensibilities 'Tung Tung Baaje' rendered with enthu and zest by Diljit Dosanjh with support towards the end by the Nooran sisters. One must add that Sneha Khanwalkar comes up with a nice fresh rhythm and humorous lyrics.

Meet Bros 'Dil Kare Chu Che', despite some nonsensical lyrics does manage to hold attention, courtesy, a nice addictive groovy rhythm. The song is a good mix of Hindi and English (which is in keeping with the script) and is fun. It's nice to hear Labh Janjua (who has rendered many chartbusters for Akshay) after quite a while with Apeksha Dandekar singing the English parts well.

Manj Musik's 'Singh & Kaur' can be classified as the title score and encompasses the spirit of SINGH IS BLIING. It is rendered well by Manj and Nindy Kaur with Raftaar chipping in with his rap. The lyrics while paying eulogies to the Sikh community (Reference to Guru Gobind Singh J's famous 'Sawa lakh te ek ladaoon, Chidiyan te main baaz churaoon, Tab Gobind Singh kahlaoon' ). It is undoubtedly the best of the lot and also carries the addictive signature tune of the movie.

The remix version by DJ Nav and Dholi Deep make for an interesting hear.

'Raat Ke Barah Baaje' (MUJRIM) and 'Chinta Ta' (ROWDY RATHORE) inspires the masala fun number Said-Wajid style (in the mukdha), 'Cinema Dekhe Mamma' but the 'antara' inspiration falls into a different (Nadeem-Shravan) territory. The result is a likeable number that is fun pastime with Wajid and Ritu Pathak (and Shaan opening the composition) rendering the number with ease.

RDB chartbusting number that is popular even today, 'Aaja Mahi' sees a makeover/ refurbished with Manj Musik giving it his own touch and comes in three versions. The remix sees Manj and Sasha (who comes up with the English portions), the second version is 'Mahi Aaja' unplugged with Arjit Singh and Manj . The song adds volume to the album.

Concluding, the audio of SINGH IS BLIING does manage to meet the expectations and the songs are fun and entertaining, in keeping with the script. Our picks- 'Tung Tung Baaje' and 'Singh & Kaur'. The chartbusting music should ensure a good opening for the film when it releases all over 2nd October.

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Khiladi Kumar is now officially wearing the turban. After SINGH IS KINNG in 2008 with Anees Bazmee, Akshay Kumar wears the turban effectively, yet again, to portray Raftaar Singh in SINGH IS BLIING, this time directed by Prabhu Deva.

By now, Akshay can sleep walk into roles like these. BOSS, ROWDY RATHORE, HOLIDAY are just a few examples of 'roles without zing' that Akshay has essayed effortlessly and come out looking a winner. All he has to do is flash his goofy grin and revel in the shot he is executing for the moment. A good-for-nothing, who is always berated by his father, Raftaar lands in Goa to work with his father's friend. There he is met by Sara (Amy Jackson) who has come from Romania to stay with her father's friend, who incidentally is also Raftaar's father's friend.


The girl has come in search of her mother, who she last saw when she was around eight years old. In Romania, she has made an enemy in Mark (Kay Kay Menon), who has killed his own father because he asked him to apologise to her. He now wants Sara killed. Humiliation is something he cannot digest.

Raftaar is Sara's guide in Goa. But the tragedy is that he does not know English and she does not understand Hindi. Enter Emily (Lara Dutta), their translator.

Prabhu Deva has all the ingredients to make this an entertainer with some genuinely funny moments, colourfully choreographed songs, some breath-taking action/fight sequences and some wonderfully goofy moments with Akshay having the time of his life.

But what really makes the movie tick is not Akshay Kumar. Surprisingly, Akshay [known for wielding the scissors at the editing table to highlight his role] takes a backseat. It is Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta who actually steal the thunder in SINGH IS BLIING.

First Amy Jackson: The girl has come a long way since her rather silly and unsure performance in EK DEEWANA THA opposite Prateik in 2012. Then, she failed to emote and neither were her sunburns hidden effectively. It made her look awkward. Speaking of awkward, director Gautham Menon was so obsessed with her derriere that he kept having umpteen slow-mo shots of her walking away. She was not graceful in her walk either.

But this is a complete turnaround of a performance. Amy as Sara is sharp, sexy and emotes reasonably well. She has a sizeable screen time and she makes the best of it matching the goofy khiladi to the 'T'. Her fight scenes are brilliantly captured.

As for Lara Dutta, she is cute beyond description. I would go one step further to say that she is the 'livewire' who keeps the laugh moments roaring. No over-the-top comedy but simple subtlety is what she lends to her role as an interpreter. Watch her impersonating Goa's golden voice Lorna in the song Bebdo (meaning drunkard) and you will know what I mean.

Yograj Singh as Raftaar's father makes a solid impression as a stern sardar father while Pradeep Rawat as Raftaar's boss in Goa presents a powerful sardar.

All in all, the performances are controlled which gives it that feel-good factor. SINGH IS BLIING does have it loopholes in the script, but the ladies do a fab job of keeping us entertained.

Watch it for Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta. Of course, you cannot discount Akshay Kumar.

Rating 2.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta and Kay Kay Menon
  • Lyrics: Sneha Khanwalkar, Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur, Raftaar, Big Dhillon, Wajid, Irfan Kamal and Kumaar
  • Director: Prabhu Dheva
  • Music Director: Sajid-Wajid, Manj Musik, Meet Brothers and Sneha Khanwalkar
  • Release Date : 02 Oct 2015