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Tamasha Movie Poster
Tamasha Movie Poster
Martin D'Souza By Martin D'Souza | 18 Mar 2017 15:41:49.7870000 IST

A special musical treat awaits in the form of TAMASHA audio score as director Imtiaz Ali, music wizard and Beethovan of East, Oscar winner A.R Rahman and lyricist Irshad Kamil get together once again after the soul gratifying and heart pleasing super hit, ROCKSTAR. Expectations, naturally are as high as Mount Everest! Gargantuan!


Fun, light and free spirited depicting a journey song, 'Matargashti', is rendered effortlessly by Mohit Chauhan, who sings evocatively in various tenors, and is especially superb in high pitches. The music is inspired by European dance music genre and is situational.

Mika Singh and Nakash Aziz wow listeners with a lovely rendition in the cute and naughty chhed-chaad, qawwali-bhangra style, 'Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai'. Irshad's lyrics are just superb.

The romantic duet, 'Agar Tum Saath Ho', is indeed a special treat for quite a few reasons. First of all, Alka Yagnik's par excellent rendition! It is indeed a pleasure hearing her honey sweet vocals after a long time. Secondly the all-male chorus led by Arijit Singh, which is the highlight. And not forget the soft musical arrangements in the background, the piano, keyboards etc. and Irshad's lyrics.

Rahman does come up with unique and fresh, all desi and highly addictive melody in 'Wat Wat Wat'. Arijit Singh and Shashwat Singh gel well to render this light breezy propositioning number. Irshad's lyrics are pure desi (North Indian) in nature.

'Wat Wat Wat' Vengeance Mix is more western and with electronic music beats and sung well by Shashwat Singh.

'Chali Kahani' is situational and opera like and incorporates the spirit of TAMASHA, which talks about different mythological stories like Sohni-Mahiwal, Moosa-Firoun (Moses & Pharaoh), 'Krishna-Kans etc. Its indeed a unique composition with superb music, brilliant lyrics penned by Kamil and excellently sung by Sukhwinder Singh, nicely complimented by Haricharan and Haripriya.

The aptly titled 'Safarnama' is again a journey song which is spiritualistic in nature; free flowing with minimalistic arrangements. Lucky Ali renders the number with elan but its Irshad's lyrics which are heart touching and soul pleasing.

'Parade De La Bastille' is another journey track where the musical troupe is travelling to Corsica, France, an offshoot of 'Matargashti', and inspired from European dance music.

The composer comes behind the mike for the brilliantly rendered 'Tu Koi Aur Hai', which once again is narrative in nature. Grand musical orchestrations which is choir-like and opera style are simply mind-blowing.

Summation: The maestro does it again. Brilliant! Superb! Par Excellent! Rahman-Irshad cross our gargantuan expectations with ease. TAMASHA is a breath taking display of brilliantly carved out compositions that linger long in memory even after they are over. Classy and mass appealing as well, our favourite -The entire album. Though the album will take time to grow (like most of Rahman's works), the chartbusting album will certainly prove a bonus for TAMASHA, which releases world -wide on 27th November.

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Finally, Ranbir Kapoor is back with a bang. After the debacle of BESHARAM, ROY and BOMBAY VELVET, he dishes out a performance as smooth as velvet. From Don to mediocre, part-of- the-race corporate employee, to his Dev Anand impersonations, to a man brought down to his knees by love; his shift in performance is subtle and brilliant.


A rousing applause for the ROCKSTAR who saved Imtiaz Ali the blushes; Take a bow Ranbir, you deserve every accolade for your performance in TAMASHA. Deepika Padukone, too, pitches in with a powerful performance essaying her role to a nicety. Her body language, mood swings and complementing Ranbir in every scene is what crackling chemistry is all about. Between the two, they make TAMASHA an enjoyable ride. A love story with a hint of an opera; a love story with a dash of JAB WE MET!

Speaking about chemistry, Imiaz Ali needs to be congratulated for taking a risk of pairing the two ex-lovers on screen. It's as though they never parted. I do not see any other actress taking the place of Deepika in TAMASHA. The two set the screen on fire! Ranbir makes you laugh and cry, ditto Deepika.

A chance meeting in Corsica, an island in Italy, sets them up for a lifetime together. Don is how Ranbir introduces himself to Deepika who pitches in with her Mona act. Both are out looking for Sona. This part called 'Teja ka Sona' is directed flawlessly by Imtiaz and performed with ease by the two. They woo, they touch and promise not to meet ever again after their one-week rendezvous.

The entire movie is based on this segment. Mona is completely floored by Don and his antics. They have a frolicking time on the island of Italy, he flirting with impunity and she answering with gay abandon. They part ways.

Four years later they meet again, in Delhi. But this is not the Don, Tara (Deepika Padukone) fell in love with. This is Dev, your regular guy, controlled by the clock and the monotony of life. This is when Don gets to his Majnu mold. Rejection can sometimes fuel a positive energy.

He goes soul-searching and finally Don returns in Japan towards the end. The return matches the mood of the opening segment. It's as though they had never left. The scenes are beautifully stitched together by Imtiaz bringing their romance a full circle.

So are there any loopholes? Plenty! Imtiaz takes too many liberties to intersperse flashbacks with long songs and characters other than the lead. The flashback with the rickshaw driver whilst going back in time with Dev (Ranbir) is a hindrance. The same mistake is made towards the end whilst Dev tells his father a story. The editor could have used his scissors freely here. And to bring the movie to its start, Imtiaz takes a full 15 minutes, whilst trying to build the narrative. Then there are other scenes as well at a dhaba with Dev telling his story to eager listeners. A good 25 minutes could have easily been chopped off to make the narrative crisper and sharper.

However, given these flaws, TAMASHA moves on and entertains. The finale matches the mood of the film as sparks fly between Ranbir and Deepika once again. Apart from the two, it's Vivek Mushran (the ILU ILU guy from SAUDAGAR) who shines in his role as Dev's boss. Perfect.

The musical segment filmed in Corsica is wholesome; the same cannot be said of the music when the scenes return to India. Close-up camera is used effectively to capture delicate moods.

TAMASHA is entertaining and worth a watch. For Ranbir and Deepika fans, this is one helluva treat!

Rating 3/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone
  • Lyrics: Irshad Kamil, Irshad Kamil. A. R. Rahman and Mohit Chauhan
  • Director: Imtiaz Ali
  • Music Director: A. R. Rahman
  • Release Date : 27 Nov 2015

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