Tennis Buddies (2019) movie review: Deuce

Tennis Buddies movie poster
Tennis Buddies movie poster

TENNIS BUDDIES movie review is here. Released today, the movie stars real life sports personality – tennis player Dakshata Patel in the movie directed by Suhail Tatari. Produced by Children's Film Society India, TENNIS BUDDIES has been officially selected in 8 International Film Festivals and won “Best Feature Film Award” as adjudged by “Child Jury” in 20 ICFFI- 2017. Is the movie inspiring enough?. Let’s find out in TENNIS BUDDIES movie review.

Immediate reaction when the end credits of TENNIS BUDDIES roll
It’s a good idea to have real life sports personalities like Dakshata coming on reel to play protagonists in a sports drama which is on the sport they play in real.

It’s a story of aspiring tennis player Anushka Singh (Dakshata Patel) and her father – a former tennis player played by Ranvir Shorey. Father  has been a victim of politics and commands every decision of Anushka including her tennis.The movie is a journey on how the sweet and bitter relationship between Anushka and her father helps in providing life lessons for both father and daughter.

The idea is inspiring and the director Suhail Tatari tries to twine the themes of family bonding, coming of age, buddies and sports flick in one movie. TENNIS BUDDIES is a decent family movie more than an inspiring sports drama. The performances are the highlights where Dakshata Patel is amazingly natural and controlled. Ranvir Shorey is into the sync of his character perfectly. Divya Dutta is a an endearing picture of motherhood. Bikramjeet Kanwarpal is effective. Suhail Tatari is able to manipulate the audience with the emotions running between Anushka and her father. However the director fails to give justice to the sports genre properly.

Final words
TENNIS BUDDIES is decent as a movie on father daughter relationship but as a sports movie it’s rather easy and laid back. Looking at the energetic and powerful nature of lawn tennis, TENNIS BUDDIES is a soft attempt that neither wins nor looses. Its DEUCE.

Rating 2.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Director: Sohail Tatari
  • Actress: Divya Dutta, Dakshita Patel
  • Actor: Ranvir Shorey
  • Production house: CFSI
  • Release Date : 29 Mar 2019
  • Movie Duration : 1 hr 50 mins