MPG is UTV-Astro's BINDASS’ media buying agency

BindassBINDASS, India's first youth entertainment & leisure brand, has announced the appointment of MPG, as its Media Buying agency. BINDASS a 360 degree youth initiative will kick start with a Hindi GEC channel scheduled to launch in mid 2007.

Zarina Mehta, CEO ? BINDASS says, 'We are delighted to have MPG partnering with us in the positioning of Brand BINDASS. What impressed us most about MPG was their ability to blend creative with media innovations in the planning and buying process. This is crucial, given the present competitive environment we operate in.'

'It was an exciting and challenging opportunity for MPG to present our case on Brand BINDASS. Our approach to strategy was very different and if I may say, really BINDASS. Demonstrating understanding of the youth and ways to connect with them; for Brand BINDASS to be 'their own Brand'. The MPG tools were instrumental in giving interesting insights especially for the launch and the positioning,' says Anita Nayyar, MPG, CEO India.

Brand BINDASS is scheduled for launch in mid 2007 and has an outlay of Rs. 200 crores (Rs. 2 billion). India's first local youth entertainment brand, BINDASS will be a 360 degree entertainment venture & will include the entire gamut of entertainment: television channels, a mobile channel, 3 websites, creation of original games, merchandising, retail & nation wide ground events providing Indian Youth with an array of choices. These include the launch of multiple channels across languages in India and Southeast Asia. UTV had earlier entered into a business co-operation arrangement with Astro to set up kid's channels in Malaysia and Indonesia. Astro Ceria successfully launched on the Astro platform last year. Today in Malaysia 4 of the top 5 kids shows are on Astro Ceria.