Mrunal Jhaveri :THE FINAL EXIT will be a memorable spooky event for the audience

In the list of businessmen trying their hand in Bollywood every now and then with cliché ideas and goals, Mrunal Jhaveri is a businessman having that rare penchant for cinema that can create a difference. The first look and promos of his debut THE FINAL EXIT starring Kunaal Roy Kapur is making the right noise and the buzz in the market is echoing of a super natural horror with a difference and the chorus just keeps on adding. The young & ambitious Mrunal takes some time off from his busy schedule, and speaks fearlessly about his upcoming super natural horror THE FINAL EXIT and his upcoming plans in the entertainment industry.

Over to the producer Mrunal Jhaveri

Your relationship with the horror genre
I am a huge buff. I am proud to be one of the beneficiaries of THE CONJURING movement, I mean influenced by the way the traditional threads of a horror can be weaved with different treatment making it an altogether new experience. Yes, I desired to enter the world of cinema and was waiting for the right time, resources and people. Luckily, Dhwanil who passed out from Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods International shared the idea of THE FINAL EXIT and bingo, it was an instant kick to my dreams of a Bollywood horror flick and things started rolling.

Going by the buzz created by the promos and response from horror buffs, THE FINAL EXIT promises to provide some extra and different thrills in its genre, did the idea of an international festival exposure before exploring the Indian markets allured you?
We wanted to explore the festival markets in the beginning but it steals away a good 12 months. THE FINAL EXIT is an Indian film with Indian ethos and layered with Indian faith and philosophy. So, it should be first served to the Indian masses we believe. Yes, we will definitely explore the dedicated horror markets in Asia like Korea, China, Hong Kong etc plus the European and American markets in future after the successful release of THE FINAL EXIT in India. Having said that, we have spoken with important players in Cannes etc after showing THE FINAL EXIT and the response is quite encouraging. They have appreciated the way we have managed to make a horror that sounds different in a limited budget of 5-6 crores.

According to you what will make THE FINAL EXIT stand out from the regular horror flicks?
In my honest opinion as a horror buff, I am not at all claiming that THE FINAL EXIT will be a path breaker that I leave it up to the experts but I am sure that the movie will be a memorable spooky event for the audience. The movie will continue to steer with its new age thrills like the eerie feeling in broad daylight amidst the heavenly beauty of Ladakh for example, showcasing Kunal Roy Kapur in a never before seen avatar that metaphorically tries to break the norms with a continuous tease of oomph by Scarlet Wilson, Elena Kazan, Archana Shastry, Reyhna Malhotra and Ananya Sengupta in the story that has layers. It will keep on attacking the imagination of the audience with surprises and shocks.

What are your other plans?
Two Indian projects - BOLLY NAMASTE, DARPOOK DALAAL and one untitled international project based on an Indian subject are in the pipeline. Details will be revealed in due course.