Here’s how first nomination gets MTV Ace Of Space house on fire


We have all seen some or the other nomination drill in different reality shows, but MTV Ace Of Space’s nomination drill had the unique touch to it. Read on to know how! The nominations were done on a phone call by none other than the mastermind of the house Vikas Gupta. The one who picked up the call in the room got to nominate his or her roommate. Was this a curse or boom for the receiver? Well, the answer to this surely lies in the upcoming episode. These sudden nominations left a heated argument between our gabru Shehzad and Faizy Boo. If their tussle does not entertain you, then don’t worry! Divya Agarwal’s ‘don’t mess with me’ warning to Pratik from one wall to another will surely leave you entertained as well as wanting for more from the show.