MTV Elovator Pitch pays a special tribute to LGBTQ community

In a historic judgment by the Supreme Court of India on 6th September 2018, Love finally won. India has witnessed a new ray of hope for the often discriminated and subjugated sections of the society. People with sexual orientations and identities, different from us are not wary anymore of coming upfront and proudly revealing their true self. It’s time we accept, acknowledge and celebrate them well and that’s what MTV, India’s No.1 Youth Brand has gone ahead and done.

MTV believes love should be unconditional and is setting an example through its recently launched show ‘Elovator Pitch’. The upcoming episode of this dating reality show will be a tribute to the LGBTQ Community. Breaking barriers, MTV Elovator Pitch will give a chance to the men to impress people of the same gender. An elevator ride to the floor above is all they will have, 30 seconds to showcase the best of themselves and move on to the next round.


Expressing his excitement on the same, host Cyrus Sahukar said, “We’re extremely proud to bring this new concept on Elovator Pitch. I believe love is not ruled by boundaries and every individual has the right to choose his/her partner, irrespective of gender. Keeping alive the fun quotient on the show, we are really looking forward to the special episode with the LGBTQ Community pitching for a date to their potential partners.”

Commenting on the special episode of the show, host Gaelyn Mendonca said, “With this special concept, we have upped the ante as India’s first dating reality show to have people from all walks of life coming and exploring beautiful bonds. Elovator Pitch brings with it a heavy dose of comedy and love and I’m sure this episode will be a treat to watch for the audience. I’m proud to be a part of the show that is creating history on national television.”