'Musafir's unique music strategy

The producers of 'Musafir' are going all out to ensure the success of the film's music, with the stars personally endorsing the new twin CD-pack in the music promos of the film that have been recently introduced. According to Hanif Chunawala, spokesperson for White Feather films, the twin CD pack of the film with two separate versions, the 'Lounge Mix' (the slow version) and the 'Club Mix' version (the re-mixed version) has generated a good deal of excitement in the music market. "It is the first time anyone has come out with such an innovative strategy for releasing music where we mastered all the songs in U.S. and mixed them in Mumbai for the two separate versions. The music is drawing an excellent response in the market too," he informs. This is in addition to their other novel strategy of printing music reviews on the cassette covers, instead of the usual film posters.

Meanwhile the producers are planning to shoot the 'Musafir' item bomb number to be picturised on Tatsania, a contestant from Belarussia, in a discotheque next week. "We are working out the modalities and the exact place where it will be shot," informs Chunawala.