Music launch of Tata Infomedia's maiden venture 'Aetbaar'

Tuesday saw the music launch of Tata Infomedia's (its motion picture production arm is called Cutting Edge) first production 'Aetbaar' Directed by Vikram Bhatt, it stars Amitabh Bachchan, Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. Rajesh Roshan has composed the music. These days music launches are getting increasingly formal what with members of the cast and the entire crew being asked to come on the dais and give little 'Oh how it was wonderful to shoot for this film' and 'The music is simply melodious' speeches. The Aetbaar launch too was no different and with a corporate company into the picture, the proceedings naturally had to be carried out with clockwork precision. So there was Hoshand Billimoria, vice chairman and managing director, Tata Infomedia telling the audience how "a chance meeting with Rajesh Roshan with whom we had gone to discuss our first film led us to meeting the former producers of Aetbaar. The earlier producers had not gone beyond the mahurat of the film and so we thought it best to take it from there. We are glad that we took on this film." Next, an audio-visual interspersed with clips of a talk show on 'parenting and children'. The idea was to show what Aetbaar dealt with and that is a father's fight against his daughter's boyfriend who is not normal. The bottom line: how there should be a healthy dialogue between parents and their growing children.Needless to say, Bachchan plays the father while John plays the obsessive, menace in Bipasha's life who plays Bachchan's daughter. Then the film's executive producer Mandeep Singh, introduced each of the cast and crew members. Within minutes, we had Roshan, Bhatt and the three members of the cast beaming to a battery of cameras. What they said:Roshan: "Aetbaar pe mujhe aetbaar hai kyunki Amitji ka saath hai."Bhatt: "It's a dream come true for me. I have grown up on Amitji's films and it's been a childhood dream to work with him some day. I still can't believe that I have made a film with him. And of course, the opportunity to work with a corporate like Tata Infomedia which helped in executing this film." Bipasha: "I am very close to my dad and there were moments shooting for this film when working with Mr Bachchan, I felt I was with my own father. Thank you Mr Bachchan for being a wonderful co-star."John: "To get an opportunity to work with Mr Bachchan who's a legend is something I will always cherish. Thank you Mr Bachchan for letting me act in front of you."Amitabh Bachchan: "Throughout this film it was extremely distressing for me to see someone like Bipasha always going into the arms of John. I couldn't bear to see that. It's been a wonderful experience shooting with Bipasha and John who are like my own children. I'm also happy that Tata Infomedia has entered the entertainment field with the thought of bringing in a system and an organized style of working which we wanted to bring in with our company ABCL years ago but that didn't happen then." After the formal music launch and photo-ops, the three stars were asked to handle press and electronic queries on three different platforms, which somehow made everything easy.All in all, music launch that was well planned. By the way, how was the music? Well, on first hearing a couple of songs did sound good.