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Chak De! India Movie Poster
Chak De! India Movie Poster
Satyajit By Satyajit | 18 Mar 2017 15:35:30.5400000 IST

View  Chak De India Movie StillsSalim-Suleiman?s zeal and ardor for sporting spirit and sportsmanship lives another life in CHAK DE! INDIA after their splendid harmonic display in Nagesh Kukunoor?s IQBAL. SRK and YRF combination have often rendered ground-breaking musical surprise in past but CHAK DE! INDIA comes more like a sporty vociferous musical exhibit delivered in its most voluble versions. Jaideep Sahni?s lyrical expertise exudes techniques and strategies of the game that gets embellished with loud cheers up and soulful outcries. Like BLACK, EKLAVYA, this pack of situational soundtracks caters to the different moods, desires and sentiments of situations and actors in the film.

After ?Chak De Phatte? (KHOSLA KA GHOSLA), it?s ?Chak De India? from the man (writer cum lyricist Jaideep Sahni) who brainchild?s this athletically profound show as it come more like a cheering up for Indian hockey brigade. This emblematic melodic treat comes in vociferous thrust by throaty Sukhwinder Singh, well supported by westernized orchestration and svelte vocals of Marianne D? Cruz and enthused Salim Merchant in the backdrop. It?s more volubly punctilious track about the sportswomen who hails from different backdrops as they get assemble, toils for supremacy and gets cheered for country?s pride and glory. ?Chak De India?, the title track comes more like a musical monologue from the hockey coach (Shahrukh Khan) is pragmatic morale booster that should ascertain the authenticity of the ?never say die? spirit on the screen. It?s no great ?movers and shakers? work or anything earth-shattering in terms of its musical aplomb but a sedate and boisterous offering that should work positively for album and film in the coming months.

After enthusiastic and soulful sporty cheering, it?s ?grooming? session for the ?ladies on the field? with ebullience of vibrant Hema Sardesai strikes lusty blow with dreamy desires in feminine ?Badal Pe Pao Hai?. Salim-Suleiman?s tried to hard with hard rock orchestration as it is extra loaded with loud thumps and percussive sounds that decimate the docility and serenity of the track. Hema Sardesai?s finest work ?Aawara Bhanware? (SAPNEY) had similar tonality as Rehman?s soft titillating notes and rhythms proved assiduous cushioning for her voice but this works more like an imposing situational soundtrack. It can well be conceived during training sessions on the hockey fields to the inhibited dreamy desires of girl?s brigade in the dressing room. This ?goody-goody? ad-commercial styled feminine number will be more playful in its cinematic description but still Hema Sardesai delivers another rocker in recent times.

?Ek Hockey Doongi Rakh Ke?? volubly absurd or thematically punctilious? Decide it for yourself as innovative experimentation brings different shades to the marquee as this melodic offering brings varied sketches of fourteen girls in an aggressively voluble form than in tuneful notes and rhythms. Shahrukh Khan articulates and anchors this introductory number that gets voiced by all the players and glorifies the silhouetted sketches of all big and bad girls on field. Salim-Suleiman delivers a catchy rhythm to accentuate the brashness through percussive elements but Jaideep Sahni?s pragmatic and rational wording unravels through belligerently and argumentative cuss phrasing and rustic lyrical flow. Feel its ?killer instinct? on silver screen than enjoying anything substantial in its melodic packaging in the album.

?Bad Bad Girls?, an Indi-Pop styled soundtrack comes as racy and snazzy background number that epitomizes the snooty and snobbish ?attitudes? of bad girls on the field. It?s enthused and perky orchestration makes it an urbane friendly track though the lyrical work hardly adds any meat to it. Anushka ?Golmaal? Manchandani?s superciliously vocals forms a haughty chemistry with trendy arrangements that bondages the vivid moods, sentiments and characterizations with the spirited theme of the film.


? When Anjan Srivastava, who heads the women?s hockey federation, tells a fellow administrator to accompany the team as a coach stating, ?It?s a nice time for a family holiday?!!!

? Also the scene where the two fighting forwards (Preeti Sabarwal and Komal Chautala played by Sagarika Ghatge and Chitrashi Rawat) combine to score the equaliser in the final against Australia.

? The scene where Khan, before the match with the men?s team, tells the women, ?Show them that if you can give birth, you can also be as good as them; that women are capable of much more that they are given credit for.?

? And finally the scene where goalkeeper Vidya Sharma, played by Vidya Malvade, blocks the final shot from an Australian to give India the Gold.

View  Chak De India Movie StillsThere?s also a valuable lesson to be learnt -- treat the game as a sport and don?t accuse someone of something as big as treachery without substantial evidence.

CHAK DE INDIA is a team effort and no one person can take credit, but for commercial purposes alone, it?s Shah Rukh Khan who will pull in the audience.

As for the women, I suggest they go in groups and bring the house down. This is one film that celebrates women power!!!

Ratings: 4/5

Rating /5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Shahrukh Khan, Vidya Malvade, Anjan Srivastava, Javed Khan & others., Javed Khan.
  • Lyrics: Jaideep Sahni
  • Director: Shimit Amin
  • Music Director: Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant
  • Release Date : 10 Aug 2007