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Jannat Movie Poster
Jannat Movie Poster
Satyajit By Satyajit | 18 Mar 2017 15:36:16.1570000 IST

Bhatt naturally (read,? But naturally?)! The ?natural? basic instinct of Bhatt camp of infusing experimental musical elements and innovative expertise through improvisation maintains its top slot once again in their ambitious JANNAT. Despite the disappointing box office results of their recent bunch of flicks (DHOKHA, SHOWBIZ, AWARAPAAN), their music has never been under-paying or underprivileged in delivering quality entertainment. After the stupendous success of WOH LAMHE, the conglomerate of Pritam and Bhatt camp promises another set of worth-hearing attributes in JANNAT.

Pritam?s new terrain of improvising South Asian stylized rock music into Bollywood musical fling delivers ?soul-provider? healing romantic impact in impressive ?Zara Sa?. After ?Tu Meri Shab Hai? (GANGSTER), KK shoulders another remarkable soft-rock smoothening track but with strong inputs of Indonesian rock musical buzz. The zany chorals, inspired woodwinds works coupled with enthralling stringed instrumental flow embellished in traditional South Asian musical creates an innovative mushy experience of ?new-fangled? love. Sayed Quadri?s well-quoted simplistic ?shayari? gets another syrupy dosage of romanticism in serene feel in its ?power ballad? version. The sluggish tempo in peculiar sounding choral flows lends ?lounge? musical impact that can well be materialized into background score needs. It promises another chartbusting success for both singer KK and composer Pritam and do expect to hear it repeatedly on all major radio and TV channels in coming weekends.

After flurry of Pakistani rock talents, Rupam Islam, lead vocalist of Indian Bengali rock band ?Fossils? makes his bombastic and sporadic intrusion into filmdom with blistering hard-rock title track ?Jannat Jahan?. It has characteristic distorted display of electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and drums with big bang that electrifies the ?hard-rock? feel in this belligerent sound track. The title track about greed, gluttony and voracity of acquiring ?jannat? (?heaven?) has Neelesh Mishra?s modestly relevant wordings. After the unwelcoming response of Ali Azmat?s feverish ?Garaj Baras? (PAAP), this racy and outrageous number dares to revisit the unexplored genre of ?hard-rock? with flair. Rupam?s boisterous vocals collages effervescently with energizing ?solos?, riffs? of rhythmic guitarist while thriving drumming along with forceful baseline catalyzed its harmonic elements. Rupam had immense success in Bengali?s rock music and ?Jannat Jahan? will certainly be adding one more notable work in his flourishing listing.

KK, the hot favorite soloist in ?soft-rock? mode contorts to Bhatt camp stylized singing in mesmerizing and romantic track ?Haan Tu Hain?. The melancholic track has shades of their patent musical style with strong tinge of ?Qawalli? rendition flows in its interludes. Like ?Zara Sa?, this above average sounding number had shades of Indonesian musical buzz in its serene sounding prelude while the track benchmarks itself to be typical Bhatt camp?s poignant track.

download JANNAT wallpapers

download JANNAT wallpapers

Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) is addicted to gambling. From cards, he gradually moves to betting on cricket, and when his 'sixth sense' makes him win big bucks he is taken to South Africa by the king pin to 'set' matches. He falls in love with Zoya (Newcomer Sonal Chauhan) and her presence in his life brings him all the luck required in gambling. They move base to South Africa. Zoya learns of his ways and sets him up with the cops. After being imprisoned, he decides to give up his bad ways and work hard to keep his love. But the lure of the lucre is too big to resist and soon he finds himself drawn for a 'setting' one last time. That's when things go horribly wrong and the coach gets shot.

Emraan, surprisingly is likeable in the role of a gambler. He shows no signs of elation while winning, nor any stress while losing. It's this quality that makes him the gambler that he is. He is cute in the lighter moments, romantic when he is wooing Zoya, focused when setting matches and confused when he has to choose between his love and gambling. Not much is expected from Zoya but she does enough to hold her own.

A word of mention for Samir Kochhar who plays the cop. Very, very impressive.

TO GO OR NOT: There has not been much by way of good releases in the past few weeks. My guess is JANNAT will do well at the box-office. It has cricket as the central theme and the game has replaced even the saas-bahu sagas on prime time television!

Ratings : 3/5

Rating /5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Emraan Hashmi, Samir Kochhar, Sonal Chauhan
  • Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri
  • Director: Kunal Deshmukh
  • Music Director: Pritam
  • Release Date : 16 May 2008

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