Krrish 3 Music Review

Krrish 3 Movie Poster
Krrish 3 Movie Poster
Rafat Sami By Rafat Sami | 18 Mar 2017 15:38:23.5900000 IST

Easily the biggest, and the most anticipated sci-fi flick of the year, the next in the line of the super duper hit KRRISH series, KRRISH 3, features the same team that brought some chartbusting as well as melodious music in KOI...MIL GAYA and KRRISH. Even though veteran composer Rajesh Roshan is more or less in semi-retirement and composes just for his brother's banner, FilmKraft, we do expect the old and highly experienced warhorse to come out all guns blazing for the Diwali magnum opus. So, let's check out the KRRISH3 album and ascertain as to whether our expectations are met or not!

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The racy title track, 'Krrish Krissh', which may be used as a background score conveys the essence and provides a peek into the movie and also outlines the character of the lead protagonist, the super hero, through some apt words . Item queen Mamta Sharma croons in a totally new 'anglesized' accent and does well with Anirudh Bhola and the composer providing the back- up vocals. The background arrangements add to the thriller element but overall the song sounds kiddish (especially the repetitive 'he is Krrish').

Mahatma Gandhi's iconic 'Raghupati Raghav' seems to be in vogue these days. Recently we heard a neo serious version in Prakash Jha's SATYAGRAHA. And now it's is used as a light hearted, party, celebration dance number, 'Raghupati Raghav' and one must complement the composer and lyricist for using the sacred hymn with a lot of discretion and reverence. The instrumental tune of the 'bhajan' can be heard in between. Neeraj Shridhar definitely has a chartbuster up his sleeve, though Monali Thakur's jerky vocals are a turn off. Bob provides the African vocals (the real credit should go to Hrithik-Priyanka's magical dancing for making the track popular).

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The remixed 'Raghupati Raghav' has lots of techno beats, broken vocals and added pace and makes for a nice hear.

The love ditty, 'Dil Tu Hi Bataa' is retro in nature, in parts reminding of Rajesh Roshan of yore, (read KISHAN KANHAIYA, 'Aap Ko Dekh Ke') and one can even decipher a hint of 'Main Nahin Doon, Kisi Ko Na Doon Mere Sajna' (NAUKAR BIWI KA). The original pop queen, Alisha Chinoy is chosen for this romantic number and one wonders why, in fact, Priyanka herself is an accomplished singer and would have done justice to the track. Zubeen Garg sings in high pitched, echoing vocals. But on the whole, the song fails to leave a mark.

The plane sequence when the landing gear gets stuck and Krrish has to fly to get it to safety is thrilling. Ditto the scene in the end when he is holding an entire building and notices a baby below in a pram as Kaal lets loose his terror. The shifting of scenes between Maanwar (cross creatures created by Kaal) and humans is also slickly handled. And these are the only scenes where Priyanka and Kangana actually score.

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The scenes in Kaal's den also generate that necessary terror aided by Vivek Obeori's splendid performance. After long a villain has instilled so much terror just by moving his fingers. Rajnikant has company! Well done, Vivek!

Recap: Krishna brings his father back from the dead in KRRISH and continues his fight against evil. In another corner of the world, another evil force with super human powers has taken shape. Kaal has his own laboratory where he lives amongst his own creations built to destruct. A deadly virus is created to induce terror and boost his empire. The antidote to this virus is obtained from his blood. So when the attack in Mumbai is neutralized without anyone reaching for his antidote, Kaal is flummoxed. How could they have created the antidote when it is only he who can? But Dr Rohit is no ordinary scientist. Remember, he had jaado for company 10 years ago in KOI... MIL GAYA?

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Take a bow Rakesh Roshan. The technology used is brilliant and the overall product is awesome.

KRRISH 3 is a must watch!

Rating 3/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut and Shaurya Chauhan
  • Lyrics: Sameer
  • Director: Rakesh Roshan
  • Music Director: Rajesh Roshan

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