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Satyajit By Satyajit | 18 Mar 2017 15:38:22.5730000 IST

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ANDRO-HUMANOID ROBOT! An intangible and theoretically glitzy 'n' stupefying sci-fi, we are not talking about any Hollywood flick but about India's costliest film ROBOT. After delivering out the swashbuckling blockbuster SIVAJI-THE BOSS (TAMIL -2008), technically superlative director S.Shankar makes another grandiloquence of affair with superstar Rajnikant in this endeavor with a brigade of scintillating SFX effects in its package. There are plethoras of techno-buzz sounds, tantalizing rhythms and upbeat electronic beats that forms melodic sensory concoction with the breathtaking love-chemistry, conceptual displays and visual delights in this larger-than-life thriller. Maestro A.R Rahman's dexterity with digital sounds and modernized instrumentals are the expertise that are going to play symbiotic relationship in creating pure 'magic' on big screen. This trilingual (TAMIL, TELUGU and HINDI) entertainer has already charmed its listeners in its Tamil and Telugu versions and now the buzz is likely to take Hindi audiences by storm. No two doubts about its worthy attributes but does the Hindi version carries the same pep-fizz that it had in its earlier two versions. Against all odds, S. Shankar's earlier dubbed flicks (JEANS, HINDUSTANI and APARICHIT) had the quality musical stuffing and were winners all the way. Let's walk into the musical territory of this ROBOT...

Evolution of Robot...! Techno-buzz of electronically paced digitalized voices, synthesized sounds and loads of computer-crafted arrangements marks the arrival of much-awaited 'Enthiran' (meaning 'Robot' in Tamil) in 'O Naye Insaan ('Puthiya Manidha' in Tamil). The song is a narrative about the fruition of 'Robot', its evolution, advancements, applications and its means of operations. Swanand Kirkire's enterprising words communicate well and delivers monologue for 'Robot' as well as narrates the situational feel with simple wordings. Srinivas D's resounding voice (similar sounding to S.P.Balasubrahmanyam's tones) is compelling and convincing and creates a visual euphoria. The surprise package is Khatija Rahman's (daughter of A.R. Rahman) nimble-touch demure rendition in echoing mode and is equally convincing in lighter tones. Rahman's credible moves at improvisation in sound techniques and ingenuity in composing this peculiar-feel soundtrack deserve appreciation and are likely to be big supportive factor in flick's narrative flows.

Scientific love...! Shankar's innovation gets a superlative Rahman's musical entourage and together, they create a magical gist of romantic happenings in sweet 'n' saccharine sounding 'Pyaara Tera Gussa Bhi ('Kadal Anukkal' in Tamil). Soul sauntering electric guitar strumming, tender bagpiper flows and flows of electronically profound synthesizer combines well in creating a well etched prelude. Mohit Chauhan's picks notes through peculiar 'alaaps' that stretches well and delivers into format of lovable duet. Its peculiar rhythmical groove is enticing and so do Shreya Ghoshal's genteel warmth, in tender melodic ambience. Rahman's romantic spell of late 90's can be felt with modernization in sound techniques. Swanand Kirkire's wordings again excel in bringing technical terminology ('electron', 'neutron'...) into poetic flair. This song will be having maximum takers among listeners who have been enthralled by Rahman's earlier romantic numbers. On repetitive hearing, it really gets into senses and exudes a smoothening impact on ears.

Robot with a heart...! Truckloads of synthesized electronic tunes and hypersensitive digitalized rhythmical moves collage together to create a synonym of 'Super sonic Super Star' for 'Robot' in funky-pitched 'Naina Miley'. Lady Kash 'n' Krissy sensuously gliding hip-hop rendition rocks the floors and creates a superficial decorum of techno-tronic happenings. The prelude is too high on thumping electronic beat patterns, exemplifying the functioning or emotional terrain of 'Robot'. Rahman's booming rendition jester all the funky moods of 'Robot falling in love' and its repercussions. This situational soundtrack is presumed to be a lively cinematic affair and fun-fare for all those lovely eyes who crave for something spectacular.

Robot...on floors! To pulsate out the sensory moves of super-sonic machine called 'Robot', an instrumental in the form of 'Chitti Dance Showcase' comes out as another harmonic surprise. Rahman's 'conductor' skills at philharmonic orchestra, fusion of Carnatic music and improvisation in techno-filled fillers collage impressively to sensitize out the 'robotic' feel on floors. It has quirky shades of 'Liquid Dance' (SLUMDOG MILLIONARE -2008) with strong inputs of racy emceeing and idiosyncratic electronically tuned signature tunes. The percussions, drumming and later violin chorus delivers out a typical fusion-pitched 'opera' ambience. Pradeep Vijay, Pravin Mani along with Yogi B frenzied vocal spells add to the show and builds a tempo for engrossing picturesque affair.

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view ROBOT stills

Shankar uses a robot to make his point about human behaviour and he does that with aplomb. However, in portions, the film is too stretched, especially in the second half. Chitti's extended conversation with mosquitoes is redundant and so are some of the songs that hinder the film's flow.

Some of the awe-inspiring scenes include Chitti's train sequence or when he becomes a snake of many robots in the climax. You can't stop whistling or clapping here.

The special effects used in the film are at par (if not better) than most Hollywood films. Swanand Kirkire's Hindi dialogues are excellent. Music by A R Rahman is disappointing to say the least.

Rajnikanth is simply outstanding. If one Rajnikanth is good for you, this has 100s of him at one point. And even though all except one are bad, they are still good to watch. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks ravishing and acts well. Danny Denzongpa plays his negative role to perfection.

ROBOT is highly recommended for its heartfelt story and Rajnikanth's awesome histrionics.

Rating - 3.5/5

Rating 4.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Danny Denzongpa
  • Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
  • Director: S. Shankar
  • Music Director: A.R.Rahman

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