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Youngistaan Movie Poster
Youngistaan Movie Poster
Rafat Sami By Rafat Sami | 18 Mar 2017 15:41:08.8770000 IST

There is no delving deep into history to recount, once the producer No 1 Vashu Bhagnani's contribution to Hindi films and the countless chartbusting and memorable hit songs that his super hit films have always boasted of. And his handsome actor son, the talented Jackky Bhagnani, despite a short stint in Bollywood already has quite a few chart scorchers to his credit. His upcoming venture YOUNGISTAAN by debutant but already talked about director, Syed Ahmad Afzal, is topical as well as a romantic political drama, an all-in-one success formula. So one expect some youthful, fresh composition from a host of young but experienced music directors like Jeet Ganguly, Shiraz Uppal, Sneha Khanwalkar and Shree D and Ishq Bector.

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The ultimate ode to love, the Taj Mahal, is just the reference that sets up the ultimate romantic mood in the superb love ballad, 'Suno-Na Sangemarmar', sung by the hot favorite Arijit Singh, who is just the right choice. Jeet Ganguly riding high after some stupendous scores in AASHIQUI 2 comes back with another winner. Kausar Munir's innovative lyrics (with parallels drawn to Taj) too are the USP of the track.

The remix version by DJ Suketu relies on heightened beats and rhythm and more background techno gimmicks and synthesizers.

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Soft rock orchestral arrangements with lovely use of guitar and drums , a perfect foil for the sad separation/judaai number, 'Mere Khuda', composed and sung by Shiraz Uppal quite on the lines of Pakistani pop bands like Jal etc. The number has a heard before feel to it but nevertheless makes for a good hear.

Sneha Khanwalkar comes in with the ultimate party song, 'Tanki', a cute, fresh, youthful and extremely rhythmic number which has been well crafted to give the song that tipsy and zany touch. A madcap number that would definitely be identified by the Gen X, the target audience here. Mika is his usual 'bindass' self, and the composer too joins in the party along with Apeksha Dandekar.

The film deals with the issues of opposition, coalition, interest rates on student loans, farmers and in-fighting. However, how I wished they had also touched upon vote banks. But all said and done, director Syed Ahmad Afzal keeps the narration simple without over-the-top rhetorics. There's also a touch on Parnab the TV anchor and his interview with Abhi. Of course, Abhi here has the last laugh!

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download YOUNGISTAN wallpapers

Jackky Bhagnani is an earnest actor. He keeps to his brief as a lover and leader with equal aplomb, never even once letting power get into his head. He handles the issues of youth and logistics of elections with the maturity of a veteran. And this is remarkable in an actor this young and just three films old.

Neha Sharma is always a delight. She may be mouthing a dialogue but her eyes have already conveyed her emotions even before she utters the first word. As the girlfriend who is like any other youngster, she is brilliant. As she has to make adjustments with restrictions on her movement with 'Z' category security, she is a revelation.


The late Farooq Sheikh pulls the curtains on his career with a finely nuanced act. As someone with a high level of influence on the Prime Minister, his character is depicted with a lot of soul.

Yes, that's it. This movie has soul. It's a love story set in troubled times. It's also a call for all youngsters out there to go out and make their vote count.

YOUNGISTAAN is definitely a movie to watch.

Rating 3.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Jackky Bhagnani, Neha Sharma, Farooq Sheikh, Boman Irani, Kayoze Irani and Meeta Vasisht
  • Lyrics: Kausar Munir, Shakeel Sohail, Syed Ahmad Afzal and Jaccky Bhaganai, Syed Ahmad Afzal and Jackky Bhagnani
  • Director: Syed Ahmad Afzal
  • Music Director: Jeet Ganguly, Sneha Khanwalkar, Shiraz Uppal and Shree D-Ishq Bector
  • Release Date : 28 Mar 2014