My last rendezvous with Sridevi…

Indian actress Sridevi, who passed away at 54

Sridevi’s untimely death has left not only the entire film industry but even the nation and the fans across the world in sheer shock. One can’t guzzle the fact that the evergreen & shining star Sridevi, who won millions of hearts, with her charisma & oodles of talent, is no more between us. Every time we see her pictures or videos, and all we believe for a moment that she will come back. How we wish it was a death hoax than a cruel heart-breaking news for her admirers!

As we come to terms with her sudden demise, I recall my last interview with the gleam-eyed Sridevi, who had arrived for ENGLISH VINGLISH success interactions. And I would have almost missed meeting the alluring lady, had I left the venue allocated for interviews, after waiting for an hour long.

After waiting for a considerable time, the excitement to interact with the female superstar of Bollywood was almost waned…But thanks to Sridevi’s pleasing persona, luminous smile & radiant eyes, and of course her calm & composed approach, her gratified & serene voice gave a different insight of the beautiful actress, someone who is more than what meets the eyes. While her charming & effervescent looks & persona have swayed many hearts, but little did everyone know that behind that beautiful face, Sridevi was a most unperturbed, humble genial personality, with no airs whatsoever about her immense & undying stardom.

Sridevi exuded a lot of warmth and endeared herself to one and all present to interview the actress..Her spontaneity won over us. She was a pleasure talking to and turned the environment blithe with her discreet & modest aura, as if you are seated with any of your loved ones …However, lively she was on-screen, her off-screen disposition was utter nonchalant, which left asking for more, to keenly discover more about her, a person within.

Now that she has hung up her boots & left for heavenly abode, it has certainly created a huge vacuum around, as if the soul of film industry has departed. The industry and her legion of fans will certainly miss her badly.