NAAM SHABANA: CBFC demands funny and surprising cuts

NAAM SHABANA: CBFC demands funny and surprising cuts news
img By Vishal Verma | 23 Mar 2017 10:56:00.8230000 IST
Really, sometimes the CBFC gets really funny and happily gives fodders to its haters to call them ‘Sanskari’ again and again. The recent case with Taapsee Pannu’s upcoming action spin off NAAM SHABANA highlights this surreal activity.


According to reports available from our sources, The CBFC has agreed to issue NAAM SHABANA a UA certificate if they delete the following three scenes from the film.

While the one depicting domestic violence can be justified, the other two recommendations are hilarious to the core.

A source reveals that a shot showing a bottle of liquor had to go (seriously just by seeing a bottle, the viewer’s mind can be polluted, influenced.. unbelievable). And that’s not all a Santa Banta joke (our phones are bombarded by such jokes every minute) is also asked to be deleted. That’s really weird.

The source says that CBFC doesn’t want to ridicule any community so the joke has been asked to be removed. We tried to get the reaction from the makers of NAAM SHABANA but they were unavailable to comment at present.

But the bigger question is why the CBFC suddenly tries to do the unthinkable. A controversial gay reference in an Hollywood film like THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST gets cleared without any noise and the makers of a Bollywood film like NAAM SHABANA are asked to delete a joke and shot of a liquor bottle…cut it. I mean cut this way of functioning.