Naseeruddin's rocking music chart

Naseeruddin Shah Sonam in Tirchi Topiwale song from Tridev
Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 04 Jan 2012 19:29:06 IST

Naseeruddin Shah is one of those film actors who have got very few songs to lip-sync onscreen but whenever he has got an opportunity to do so, the songs have hit bulls' eye. While everyone counts Emraan Hashmi lucky to bag hit songs in his films, we at also coin veteran actor Nasseruddin Shah's in the list. Though, Bollywood's commercial genre has bestowed him with this opportunity more often.

The latest offering would be an achievement for Naseeruddin Shah as Daler Mehndi came down from Delhi to do record the song Badmast from the film CHAALIS CHAURAASI (4084). The song is an item number and the female voice for the song has been rendered by none other than Mamta Sharma of the 'Munni Badnaam' fame. The song as it is appearing from the promos is all fun and frolic. It is thus a blissful opportunity to tell the world what famous songs has Naseeruddin Shah been associated with in his acting career so far:

The quintessential song from MASOOM 'Huzoor Is Kadar Bhi Na Itra Ke Chaliye', is one of the songs which is whenever played or telecast brings a smile on the face as it reminds of the times when friends used to be in gay abandon after gulping few pegs.

'De Daru' from Subhash Ghai's film was the phase when Naseeruddin Shah was undergoing the transition from an actor of art film genre to a commercial genre, there was a slightly discernible hesitancy associated with the transition though.

'Oye Oye' indeed was the song that catapulted Naseeruddin Shah to big times and thenceforth he never looked back and with TRIDEV his transformation into a full- fledged commercial actor was complete. When TRIDEV was released in 1989 before multiplexes had to make their debut, the craze for the song was seen to be believed. In halls after halls in Delhi, people would wait even after the film was over to let the new show roll in and see the knotty smile of Naseer in the song in next show and would then go back. Even the staffs of the hall were accommodative about it.

'Aaj Zinda Hoon To Jee Lene Do', with Ajay Devgn in NAJAAYAZ is again a song which one just starts humming as the manner in which Naseeruddin has interpreted the song, makes one forget the angst and enjoy the moment.

With Jagjit Singh doing the voice over for Naseeruddin Shah in the song, "Hosh Waalon Ko Khabar Kya"... Naseeruddin Shah was quite at ease with crooning the song on the screen and it again was a super hit song of its time and in fact is of all the times.

After SARFAROSH, it was only in ISHQUIYA that Nasseruddin got some hit songs in his kitty. The Vishal Bhardwaj film ISHQIYA delivered two songs like 'Ibne Batuta' and 'Aisi lagi lagan', both again celebrating the spirit of gay abandon after downing a peg or two.

For Naseeruddin Shah 2011 would be an year that he would remember all his life as he became part of film which was one of the most successful films of 2011, and it also is a watershed film in the history of cinema. In THE DIRTY PICTURE the song 'Ooh La La', which has again become a raging hit that indeed Naseeruddin Shah has a penchant to give his best to the songs picturised on him. 

One of the striking features of most of the songs that Naseeruddin Shah has crooned on screen is that these songs especially are played when friends meet and party together. One hopes that 'Badmast' from 4084 also becomes another milestone in Naseeruddin Shah's career.