Naseeruddin Shah refuses Hollywood offers

It's not everyday that we see an Indian actor playing a full-fledged character in a mainstream Hollywood movie. Shah, however, isn't too excited. For him, the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was one of many roles. Though the movie did not click that well but surely agents in Hollywood have taken notice of Naseer and have also seen his brilliant acting abilities in Monsoon Wedding. Post his movie with Sean Connery which Naseer explains was brilliant has landed him various other Hollywood offers. in an exclusive chat asked Naseer why he refused to accept the offers from the West. "I think my greed for Hollywood is fulfilled. There were plenty other offers but I did not find it very exciting," says the actor who is got choosy about his roles post Monsoon Wedding. "Yeah there was a time when I would sign any roles but thankfully I don't need to do that any longer in Bollywood too," he avers. We heard that he had conducted a workshop for the actors of Maqbool which stars like Tabu, Pankaj Kapoor and Irfan Khan. "I have great admiration for Pankaj Kappor but I feel he has not got his due. So how can I teach such great actors. But yes there were new actors for whom I tried to help them like there was a news model or there is Masumi and many other youngsters. For Pankaj, Irfan and Tabu it was just an exercise to get to know them. If these guys have done a good job -- they have done it on their own ability. So don't credit it to me," says the noble actor. Tabu has delivered yet another laudable performance as the Indianized Lady MacBeth in Vishal Bhardwaj's latest movie Maqbool. The film, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth. In a setting that reminds of the back lanes of Mumbai and captures the spirit of underworld, Vishal creates an interesting milieu in which Tabu plays the mistress of a don Abbaji (Pankaj Kapoor). The Indianized MacBeth -Maqbool Miyan -is played by Irfaan Khan. Tabu plays a lovable vamp who desires Maqbool. She entices Maqbool to finish off Abbaji so that he can take the don's place in the underworld net. However, fear and guilt haunt the two leading characters as they go about killing more and more people in their greed.