Naseeruddin Shah: SRK is 'King of Romance'; I'm the 'King of Old Man's Romance'!

Naseeruddin Shah: SRK is 'King of Romance'; I'm the 'King of Old Man's Romance'! news
img By Urvi Parikh | 12 Sep 2014 13:48:35.8200000 IST

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, who is gearing up for his upcoming quirky film FINDING FANNY, has been off late portraying more of romantic characters on-screen, like the ones in ISHQIYA, DEDH ISHQIYA and even FINDING FANNY.


While Shah Rukh Khan is known as the ‘King of Romance’ in Bollywood, going with his recent films, Naseer likes to call himself the ‘King of Old Man’s Romance’.

Ask him what is his definition of romance and Naseer explains, “You can find romance in anything. You can find romance in rain, breeze, mountains etc. You just need to have a romantic attitude in life. It also depends on the enjoyment degree you have in life - whether it is appreciation of a beautiful woman or lovely scenery.”

While actors of his time are rarely to be seen on the big screen, Naseeruddin Shah makes it a point to continue working, with varied roles. “I am very lucky to get such roles at this age where I play the central part. It is something that I am getting more than what I used to get in my younger days. In fact, I have been very lucky all through my career because I appeared at a time in 1975 when these art movies had just started being made and they required actors like me, who could look real. Shabana Azmi had just arrived, Farooq Sheikh, Smita Patil and Om Puri were there, who were then followed by Deepti Naval and lot of other unusual actors like Satish Shah,” says Shah.

He further adds, “Today, many from that set have either passed away or have grown fat or are bored with their lives. That is the path they chose to take and I am still getting roles that I would love to do. I am still turning down more work than I am accepting in movies and I still feel very fortunate. But I think luck is not something which God grants you. Luck is something that you create.”

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