National Award winner Monali Thakur: I never used to take awards seriously

National Award winner Monali Thakur: I never used to take awards seriously news

Basking in the glory of National award for the song 'Moh Moh Ke Dhaage' from the film DUM LAGAA KE HAISHA, singer Monali Thakur says that she never took awards seriously until she won the coveted award. It's after winning National Award she realized how everyone has huge expectations from her.

In an exclusive google hangout chat for our special section music mania, Monali, who visited our office, said, “I have been saying this repeatedly that I don’t take awards seriously because I get scared from awards and accolades. I feel pressurizing because then every time expectations come in and every time you have to perform better. So all this while I never seriously thought about awards but National Award is something else. I realized the importance when I discovered the reactions of everyone. I was surprised with my parents reaction, my fans reaction… and I realized that how my seniors expect so much from me.”

She added, “Having said that, I still try to keep away myself from the feeling of winning awards. Though I have won a national award and am all happy about it, I am not trying to take it very seriously because nothing is enough these days, because people are doing so much. So, just resting on the laurels (by winning an award) is not enough. I have that hunger to do more, to achieve more. I have yet to do lot many things through my art form. So even if I get the nomination I feel happy because I know they have liked my work. It’s an indication that I am going good.”

Interestingly, Monali embarked her Bollywood journey with Anu Malik (whom she knows from Indian Idol days) by crooning a small part in the film JAAN-E-MAN and now life has come full circle for her with ‘Moh Moh Ke Dhaage’. When we brought this point to her notice, the versatile singer was delighted, “I never wanted to participate in Indian Idol because I get scared of competition. But then it was a wonderful experience. Though I was eliminated from the show much before, Anu ji had promised me to give me a nice song one day. And he fulfilled it with ‘Moh Moh Ke Dhaage’. It’s brilliant that he kept that in mind and after so many years when he got the scope to make such a beautiful composition for a movie then he called me. Hats off to him to keep the word. Thankfully he selected me for this song.”

But did Monali ever thought in her wildest of dreams that she will won a National award one day that too in a very short span of her career? And with that she joins the big league of Lata Tai and Asha Tai? However, Monali had a humble take on it. She said, “I don’t think like that. I cannot be in that league with them because they are legends. And now such legends can’t happen also. Forget legendries, we can’t get such songs as well. As that trend was different, I am extremely thankful and feel lucky. They recognized this song and my voice so that certainly means a lot to me.”

Asked Monali If her outlook has changed after winning a National Award, she said, “We don’t work for awards honestly. My life is still the same. I am still working. I am not trying to be humble. I don’t look at it that way. Everyone talks about competition but there is so much in my life so I hardly get time think about others. I can’t function that way (keeping competition in mind). I don’t like that. First of all, I don’t even know if I am just a singer. I am involved in lots of things. I kind of feel pulled back whenever such thoughts even come to me. So I don’t entertain them. I don’t think about singers.”

As we asked Monali about her success mantra, she said, “There is no success mantra. You just have to keep working and that’s what I believe in. I am very active as a person I can vouch for that. Whatever excites me I do that. I don’t follow any norms. I do everything that gives me happiness and the minute people see me enjoying they will also relate.”

Way to go girl!