NAWABZAADE Movie Review: Chalo cult banaye sanam.. la la la laa


Popular tv dancers  ko laye,, laye.. The brilliant CHASHME BADDOOR ko the classic PADOSAN se milaye.. milaye.. chalo ‘cult’ banaye, chalo cult banaye, chalo cult banaye sanam.. got it? Na.

Try this – Mohabbat kya hoti hai main tumhe bataunga “Love is a big brod sky star you to breakbun find that start for a soulmate for a sunshine” got it? NO.. oh yeah sorry this was supposed to be a ‘cult’ as said by Mukesh Tiwari though he said thoda sa ( rough translation – a bit)

But afsoos ( pity, sad) this wannabe comedy that wants to grow up as a campy one with a wink at a thriller mystery lacks the teeth to bite into the areas of laughter. And when laughter fails the challenge to tickle our funny bones (not even for a bit) as happens in the case of this flick helmed by Jayesh Pradhan, the result is an irritating boredom.

Popular tv dance gurus - Raghav Juyal, Punit Pathak and Dharmesh Yelande are roped in for this disjointed mix of CHASHME BADDOOR with PADOSAN with the ‘boy’ thing and what not. It revolves around three best pals Karan (Raghav Juyal), Abhishek (Punit Pathak) and Salim (Dharmesh Yelande) falling head over heels for the same girl Sheetal (Isha Rikhi) their new padosan (neighbor).

 Pledging that their bromance will remain rock solid, Karan, Abhishek, and Salim decide to win the heart of Sheetal together, things take an unexpected turn when Sheetal goes missing. The movie is narrated in flashbacks at a police station in control of Vijay Raaz. Picture this - Sir baat undino ki hai jab dabang hitt hui thi, followed by Raghav Juyal Hum aish ki chadar odhte the sir aur aish hi ki chadar bichate the sir, Vijay Raaz response (and pls don,t blame me, am just repeating it) - To Abhishek kya odhta tha?

 There’s nothing wrong in such humour but the point is it cannot be thrown at will, some establishment is needed for a gag to hit the bulls eye. Unfortunately, Jayesh Pradhan tries all the tricks, it takes dig at bollywood, etc but it falls flat. To add more chutney and chillies to the wound, the setting is suppose to be somewhere in the Hindi hinterland but astonishingly the accent spoken by the three ‘boys’ has a touch of Haryanvi. So the writer Pradeep Singh is not versed properly with geography or the history. However the chemistry between Raghav Juyal, Punit Pathak and Dharmesh Yelande shows some sparks at places.

 The greatest quality of newcomer Isha Rikhi is that she is photogenic. Raghav Juyal, Punit Pathak and Dharmesh Yelande are great dancers but strictly average as actors.

 Production values are passable and other technical aspects like camera, editing just manages to pass the muster.

 Ironically, NAWABZAADE could have been forgiven for being juvenile and an overenthusiastic attempt at comedy by Jayesh Pradhan but the helmer fails to utilize the potentials of Vijay Raaz and Mukesh Tiwari in this venture, both Raaz and Tiwari had proven their mettle in comedies, but alas..

Rating 1.5/5

Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Raghav Juyal, Dharmesh Yelande, Punit Pathak
  • Actress: Isha Rikhi
  • Director: Jayesh Pradhan
  • Producer: Lizelle D'souza, Mayur K. Barot
  • Writer: Pradeep Singh
  • Production house: R.D.Entertainment
  • Distributor: AA Films