Neelam Kothari rubbishes rumours of SRK-Priyanka's affair

Nikita Wagh By Nikita Wagh | 11 Jan 2012 18:18:10.4400000 IST

The rumour mills were agog with the news that former actress Neelam Kothari is spreading the rumours of Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra's alleged love affair.

But it seems the actress is very upset with the gossipmongers and chose social networking platform to clarify the faulty accusations.


Neelam at once twitted, ''Don't know how to react to a certain article that has come out today, claiming that I am responsible for starting certain rumours. I'm shocked and hurt with these allegations!! This is the first time in the whole of my career I have been dragged into a controversy.''

A distressed Neelam continues with her outburst, ''Not fair at all!! Gauri and Sharukh happen to be my dear friends and will continue to be so.. Would never say anythin derogatory about them''

She adds further, ''As for Priyanka Chopra... No we have never had a fight... Get your facts right people!!''